How is Lip Augmentation a Safe and Affordable Process

We live in a society dominated by filters. It is no wonder that many people want the filtered look to be their actual look. And in doing so, they try to alter their existing features.

Medical and technological advances have made it easier to do so. One can change their appearance by going for plastic surgeries, breast implants, whitening skin processes, and lip augmentation. Here, we will explain how lip augmentation has become one of the most go-to methods.

What is Lip Augmentation

Lip augmentation is a medical process of making your lips look plumper. The lips would have a fuller outlook and would appear thicker.

The Rising Trend in Lip Augmentation


The lip augmentation trend got a major hike when Kylie Jenner admitted to having gone through this cosmetic surgery. Since then, there has been no dip in this fashion. More and more clinics ensure the best service in this regard.

Similarly, Best Lip Augmentation London claims to provide hygienic circumstances and render useful services as per the person’s wish. They also make the process look easy and affordable.

How is Lip Augmentation an Affordable Process

Lip augmentation is an affordable process because there are so many ways of getting your lips done. From dermal fillers to fat and tissue grafting, one can opt for any process that they can afford and consider safe.

Here is a brief explanation of some of them.

Dermal Lip Augmentation

This is the most common of them all. Injections filled with dermal fillers are used for this kind of augmentation. Hyaluronic acid is a kind of dermal filler that is inserted into these injections.

They provide a temporary enhancement to your lips. The effects could last as long as 6 months. It is a safe process as long as you are choosing someone credible and certified to do the job.

Furthermore, you can control the amount of hyaluronic acids as per your desire to conserve as natural a look as you want. You could see the impact of this treatment immediately after it has been performed.

Fat Grafting

Fat Grafting is another option with more permanent results. The areas of lips you want to augment are treated with anaesthesia, and fat harvesting is induced. You would need to carry up with some syringes for some time. This process is also known as autologous lip augmentation.

The fat used for making your lips look plumper are from your own body regains that are rich in fats like the abdomen. One can return home as soon as the process is over. It may take about an hour or a quarter added to it.

Tissue Grafting

Yet another autologous lip augmentation method, tissue grafting, utilises a piece of your skin to add value to your lips. The shredded skin layer is rolled up to induce in your lips, and the overall appearance of the lips turn unto your desired shape. It’s effects are long-lasting. You can expect them to work for you for six to seven years.

The cost of this procedure may vary. It depends upon who you want to work with. It may cost you an average of $5000. A bulky investment, but you would stop caring about the lips after five to six years.

Lip Implants

A surgical process that requires you to consult the best panel of doctors, lip implants give you a permanent full look.

The implants are plastic-based. Commonly, two types of implants are used. These are the silicone and the polytetrafluoroethylene implants. These implants are thought to be more favourable to tissue adjustment.

For this process, your surgeon would take the measurements of your lips, prepare an implant from any of the mentioned materials, and induce them into your lips. This would give your lips the extra accentuation that you want.

The person who is most suited to get the implants is one who has symmetrical lips and wants to opt for permanent lip augmentation.

Out may look like a huge investment, but if you are going to continue with the temporary methods and want permanently fuller lips, then you would be actually saving yourself a lot of money.

Risks of Cosmetic Surgeries

Like with a year of other treatment, cosmetic procedures do not come without any risks. Some of these risks include;

  • Bleeding
  • Allergies
  • Infections
  • Swellings and
  • Bruising

One of the most important risks to remember before risking your actual lips symmetry is that lip augmentation, if goes wrong, can make them asymmetrical permanently. The temporary lip fillers are good in this regard because their effect starts fading away after some time.

The same could not be said about the permanent lip fillers.


Lip augmentation is not a bad option unless you want to do it under the impression of your insecurities. The solution to insecurities is your self-confidence and the people you surround yourself with.

However, if there have been some accidental or Post-surgical impacts on your lips, you may continue with your plan. Just keep 8n mind that you go with the best-certified plastic surgeons, and reach them through some references. Talk to someone who has undergone the experience, so you have further clarification on the situation.

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