How Much Does it Cost to Build a Restaurant app?

The straightforward answer to the question how much does it cost to build a restaurant app is $10,000. But the final price may vary depending on the number of features and services of the app. If you run a small-scale restaurant you would need a medium-size mobile app and its cost would go around $10,000-$20,000. 

And if you have a large-scale or chain restaurant business and want to build an enterprise-level app, then the cost of restaurant app development for this type of app may go around $30,000-$80,000. 

If you are a restaurant owner and going to outsource your app project to a best mobile application development company, you must know the cost of restaurant app so you can estimate your budget and properly utilize your resources. This article will give you clear and accurate information about how much does it cost to build a restaurant app. 

Key Factors That Determines The Cost of Restaurant App Development

1. Type of the Restaurant App

The first and most influential factor that affects the cost of restaurant app development is the type of the app. There are native, hybrid, and cross-platform mobile apps. And for each type, there is a different mobile app development approach. In native app development, developers have to write code for each operating system. 

So, the cost of the native app is generally expensive. Therefore, most businesses go with a cross-platform app development approach since it uses a single codebase for all OS platforms and saves significant time and resources. As a result, it reduces the cost of your restaurant app. 

2. App Complexity

The complexity level of your app decides how much developers will take time to build the app. If it is a simple or basic level restaurant app, then it won’t take much time in the development process and the cost would decrease. 

And if your restaurant app requires advanced functionality and complex features, the development time will increase and so as the cost too. Therefore, you need to see what is the level of your app complexity and how much time the app takes in the development. 

3. Number of Features

Features are the hands of your app that empowers users to effectively utilize your services. Since the restaurant business has a lot of real-time or on-demand services, you need to create a relevant and sufficient number of features that allow users to fully use all the services offered by your restaurant. 

Here, you have to see the number of features of the app because your restaurant app developer will take time accordingly to build it.  Here I have listed the common and essential features that you need to create. This will help you estimate the cost involved with building these features. 

Customer panel

  • User profile
  • Search Restaurants
  • Push notifications
  • online ordering 
  • mobile payments
  • Order tracking
  • Menu Search
  • Delivery status
  • Table reservation
  • Chatbots
  • Feedback portal
  • Gamification

Restaurant owner panel

  • Staff management
  • Kitchen management
  • Social media integration
  • Order management
  • Menu management
  • Personalization
  • Cuisine Management
  • Food Items management
  • Inventory management

4. Location of The Mobile App Development Company or Developer

You would either hire dedicated developers or outsource your project to a professional mobile app development company. So, here, you have to consider the location of the developer or company that you are hiring. 

A mobile app development company in USA will charge you around $80-$150 per hour for developing a restaurant app. At the same time, an app development company in India will charge you between $25-$40 per hour for building the app. Hence, from which country you hire a developer directly affects the cost of restaurant app development. 

5. Size of the Restaurant App Development Team

Whether you hire restaurant app developer or a company, the human resource used in the development has a direct impact on the overall cost. A general restaurant app development team consists of 

  • 2 Developers
  • One UI/UX designer
  • One project manager
  • Quality Analyst

However, the size of the team depends on the level of your project. If your business model requires an advanced-level restaurant app, the team might be bigger. You have to increase the number of professionals. And as a result, the cost will increase based on the number of developers and per hour rate. 

6. App Maintenance Cost

Developing and launching the app is not the final task. You also have to plan your budget for the app maintenance and improvement in advance. A mobile app is, after all, software that may need changes and updates as per the future demand and market trends. 

Most business people usually miss this aspect in the excitement of the development. They don’t plan and create a separate budget for future maintenance and updates for the app. As a result, they have to face unexpected increment in the cost. 

Therefore, you need to also consider the cost of app maintenance in your overall budget to ensure you don’t face any hidden or unexpected price changes. 

So what is the overall cost of developing a restaurant app? Here in the below table, you can see the 

Final Cost to Build a Restaurant App 

Factors Medium level restaurant app
UI/UX Design $2,000
App development $10,000
QA $2,000
Project management $4,000
Business analysis $2,000
Time 3-5 months
Final cost $20,000

Wrap Up

That’s it. This is the average cost of developing a restaurant app. However, the final price may vary since it depends on various factors. To estimate the accurate cost of the app, you should ask for a quote from a mobile app development company that you are selecting for your project. They will give your exact estimation of the cost of restaurant app development. 

About the Author

Erma Winter is an Android app developer at MobileCoderz-the top Android app development company that builds mobile apps for all types of businesses. She has great experience in developing Android apps for restaurant and on-demand services. Besides her tech life, She likes to contribute to social welfare campaigns and write articles on various IT subject matters. 

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