How to choose Modern Conference Table?

The shape of a modern conference table will often determine the overall aesthetics of your room. Rectangular, Oval, and round tables all have their advantages and disadvantages. Whether you prefer a solid surface or a rounded design, you can find a table to fit your room’s layout and style. Regardless of the shape of your table, make sure it has plenty of open space for your guests. Choosing a shape that allows for free movement is essential for your company’s image, as well as your employees’ comfort.


If you’re looking for a stylish and affordable conference table for your office, you’ve come to the right place. Modern conference tables are a must-have for a contemporary office, featuring sleek, clean lines, minimal profile, and superior laminate construction. Choose from our range of modern conference tables to bring a stylish yet functional new design element to your workspace. They are available in different sizes and finishes to suit your preferences, and ship directly to you.

A rectangular table can seat eight people comfortably. Choose from a 79-inch option for the most comfortable seating. The sleek, angular design of this table’s legs and molded engineered concrete top give it a sleek, industrial look. You can place two to six people around it, or set up two to eight. Unlike the rounder conference tables, these tables are lightweight and come fully assembled. They are also easy to assemble, so you can start meeting immediately.

If you want a more traditional design, you can choose a boat-shaped table. These tables are rectangular in shape, but they feature curved length sides. This shape promotes more group participation and teamwork. The curved edges also provide more access to others. This style is often used in executive boardrooms, giving guests a feeling of power and organization. There are also power modules available in these tables. They are the ideal option for meeting spaces where a wide variety of attendees need to sit in the same room.


Designed for contemporary offices, the Oval modern conference table is a sleek, clean design with a durable steel-and-laminate base. Its 1″-thick melamine laminate tabletop is scratch-resistant, while its leveling glides allow for easy adjustment. The Oval table is available in two sizes, and it can match the Oval console table or occasional table from the Holo collection. In addition, the table is available nationwide.

The oval tabletop of this electric lift conference table is easy to adjust with one-touch height adjustment. The table can be adjusted from 24″ to 50″ high, and features two memory buttons. The top measures 94-1/2″ long, 47-1/2″ wide, and is 1-1/2″ thick. This model is available in white or silver. The tabletop is 25mm thick, and features a protective ABS edge. It ships within two weeks and includes free shipping.

This Oval modern conference table was crafted with sturdy, laminated chipboard for contemporary office environments. It is available nationwide and is professionally and quickly delivered to your door. Its top and base are made from melamine-laminated chipboard. It features an elegant, modesty panel. Its durability is supported by a 10-year Limited Manufacturer Warranty. When ordering the Oval modern conference table from a supplier, be sure to read the manufacturer’s warranty on all products.


There are a number of materials you can choose from for your Round modern conference table, including laminate and solid wood veneer. The most durable is wood, which is sourced directly from the trunk of trees. Hardwood, on the other hand, is taken from a deciduous broad-leafed tree. Softwood comes from conifers or evergreens. Since wood is a natural material, each piece will differ in appearance and may not coordinate well with other pieces of furniture in the same room.

When selecting a round modern conference table, you should consider the following factors. First, it should be spacious. The more space that you have around your conference table, the less cramped everyone will feel. Ample space gives the imagination room to soar, so your table should be spacious enough for everyone to comfortably collaborate. Keep in mind that the design of your round modern conference table is not just about function, but also aesthetics. Choose a piece that will be the best match for your space.

Another factor to consider is the size of your room. If the conference table will be placed in a small room, you can consider a smaller round table. For larger rooms, you can opt for a larger one with fewer legs. The only downside to round modern conference tables is their lack of durability. Despite this drawback, round conference tables are still a great choice if you have ample space. But before choosing a round table, keep these things in mind.

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Solid surface

A laminate surface is the perfect choice for mobile teaming tables, flip tops, and pull apart conference tables. Its surface is able to be dressed in a variety of cool edge styles. Contemporary conference table tops are available with wood, rubber, or PVC edges. This material is less expensive than wood veneer and is sturdier than most wood veneers. You can also choose from an array of exotic wood veneers to make your table look as unique as you are.

The Modesto Modern Conference Table has a contemporary profile and footprint. It has a solid surface top that can be upgraded to a nanotechnology inlaid surface. Depending on the size of your meeting, the tabletop can be custom made with any size or shape of the conference room. It can be designed to be a single piece of solid surface with unique edge detailing. It comes in both cherry and mahogany finishes.

A modern conference table with a stone top can look stylish but can also be scratch-prone. While it looks amazing, metal conference tables can be costly and may require many hands to install. You can find stone top conference tables with multiple metal inlays, glass inlays, or wood inlays to make your table look even more unique. Additionally, stone top conference tables may take eight to ten weeks to create, so be sure to check the lead time before purchasing.


A contemporary conference table can be constructed in many different styles, using multiple pedestals and a unifying rail structure. Pedestals hold various types of tabletops, including glass, metal, and wood. They can be as large as thirty feet long, with an optimal 30″ gap between the tabletop and each chair. Many types of modern conference table pedestals are designed with ergonomics in mind. Here are some styles that are ideal for a boardroom setting.

This modern conference table offers an ideal solution for brainstorming sessions and after-hours poker games. It features a Green Guard certification, which means it is free of volatile organic compounds. This table can comfortably accommodate four to six people and has ample storage space for files and other materials. Available in a mahogany or cherry finish, this conference table is an eco-friendly choice for your office. There are plenty of other styles to choose from as well, but the Strut Table and Baguette Table by Blu Dot are our top picks.

While this mid-century inspired table may look uncomplicated, it has many unique features that can make it a great fit for your office. The spun steel pedestal allows you to maximize the amount of seating space and free up leg room. The table comes in a variety of sizes and tops, so you can customize your table to meet your specific needs. The height of the table may vary depending on the type of top used. The table pedestal may be adjustable or fixed, but it has a unique style that will surely catch the attention of your guests.

Boat shaped

If your office space is limited in space, you may want to consider a modern boat-shaped conference table. Available in various finishes, this table is built with a sturdy metal base for strength and stability. It features a laminate top with two-inch-diameter grommets for wire management and is available in multiple sizes. For your convenience, this table also comes with a five-year warranty. Whether you are looking for a conference table for your home office or for a meeting room, you will find this design appealing.

The Global office furniture company has a boat-shaped conference table for sale that is six feet long. It can be used in a small conference room or a private office and is available in several modern colors. These conference tables can be ordered with or without an electrical module, and most ship for free. Shipping is free on orders over $300. This item ships within two to three weeks of purchase. For larger orders, you can also order this table with a 10-year warranty.

The Boat-shaped Conference Table is an excellent choice for any meeting room. Its contemporary design, curved ends, and slab-base make it a stable and comfortable table for meetings. Its versatility is a major benefit when you want to have multiple chairs at one table. The boat-shaped design is especially helpful for meetings that involve slideshows or presentations, since everyone can see each other without straining. You can find one at a good price with the Boat-shaped conference table!


The Racetrack modern conference table is a sleek oval table with a slab base and thermally fused laminate top. Available in two sizes, this table is ideal for boardrooms and meeting rooms. Featuring a slab base and durable thermally fused laminate, this table is easy to clean and maintain. Its sleek design allows it to easily fit in any room and offers excellent value. Read on to learn more about this table.

A racetrack modern conference table has many advantages over a traditional rectangular conference table. It is smaller than a square table and can seat many more people. This table also occupies less space than a rectangular one. Because of its shape, it provides the optimum seating capacity without limiting movement in a small conference room. But, unlike a rectangular table, a racetrack table is perfect for medium-sized conference rooms where space is limited.

This sleek table is available in two sizes and is made of a sturdy laminated chipboard. It is also available nationwide and is shipped quickly. The table’s modest panel is made of white embossed MDF. Available in two sizes, it can be paired with a matching console or occasional table. It is a perfect addition to any boardroom or meeting room. You can also choose a matching console table or occasional table in the Holo series.

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