How to Clean Makeup Brushes At Home Easily and Quickly

If you are like me, you may wonder how to clean make up brushes at home in the future. I have been guilty of that many times over the years. For one thing, my husband has a habit of putting his fingers directly on my face as he is brushing. Then, he will put the makeup brushes away and pick up another one. Yuck!

Using the make up:

Also, when I am done using the make up, I end up smearing it all over the place. This is my worst enemy. Not only is it smeared all over, but if I don’t remove it right away, then I end up with dried on bristles and makeup that doesn’t come off. My nose is also a target, so I always end up with dried out and chapped lips.

It’s time you learn how to clean make up brushes in the future, so that you won’t have to deal with this in the future, either. There are a few ways you can do this. Some are easier than others, but most are effective. Here are two cleaning tips that I keep handy.

You want to take the brushes:

First off, you want to take the brushes, twirl them around, and then hold them upside down. You should be able to feel each brush bristles in each brush as you are twirling. Now, you will want to pull the twirl the brushes as far back as possible, while releasing the air from the brush. You will then want to go back and twirl the brush in the opposite direction. Repeat these steps to clean the brushes in ascending order once again.

Second off, you can take an old soft sponge and dip it in baby oil or any kind of cooking liquid. The oil will absorb the clean makeup brushes at home, and you don’t want it on your face! Let the make up soak for about twenty minutes, so you can pamper your face to get it ready for the make up brushes. After this soak time, rinse off the make up. You should notice that the bristles on your brushes are now much softer and not stick to your fingers.

You need to gently run a warm washcloth:

Third, you need to gently run a warm washcloth over all of the bristles. Then, you can dip the brush in some warm water, which will loosen up any dirt or make up on the bristles. Once this is done, you can wash the brush by hand and then use a cleaner specifically designed for clean makeup brushes at home them. However, this process may be a little difficult, depending on the make up brushes you have. If you haven’t taken care of your brushes in a while, it may take a few attempts before they are clean and ready for use again.

Fourth, if your brushes have become very dirty, then you can apply a solution of warm water and some mild soap to remove it. Make sure that you rinse the soap off your brushes thoroughly, because the residue from the soap can leave a residue on your face if left on long enough. This process is actually quite similar to brushing your teeth, only you need to go over all of your make up instead of just your face.


Finally, you can give your brushes a thorough brushing to get rid of any dust, and residue. By running a wet duster across the bristles of the brushes, you can remove much of the dust. After this, you can fill your make up brushes with baby powder or special anti-shine foundation, depending on which type of foundation you are using. When you are learning how to clean make up brushes, remember that it’s always best to read the instructions and follow them closely.

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