How to Find the Best Adult Orthodontics Near Me

If you’re thinking about getting braces to improve your smile, take heart in the fact that they’re not just for kids anymore! In addition to pediatric orthodontic treatment, orthodontists can now provide adult orthodontics to help patients who are growing older with misaligned teeth. Whether you had braces as a kid and need an orthodontist in your area or you have no previous experience with braces and are interested in finding one near you, this guide will tell you all about adult orthodontics and how to find the best office in your area.

Know what you want

Getting orthodontic treatment as an adult can be a challenge, but it’s certainly not impossible. Adult braces are also referred to as Retainers, and they don’t require that you have teeth pulled in order for them to fit properly. In fact, there are several different types of retainers that you may consider when getting orthodontic treatment as an adult. If you would like more information about how your budget and specific needs compare with what is currently available in your area, don’t hesitate to call us today.

Do Your Research

Whether you’re considering braces, Invisalign, or another orthodontic option for your adult teeth, it’s a good idea to do some research before scheduling an appointment. The best way to do that is by reading patient reviews and asking yourself questions like: how well did their orthodontist listen? Were they willing to address concerns? How quickly were problems solved? All of these factors will play into your decision. It’s also important not only to ask questions but also know what questions you should be asking. For example, most people want a great smile—but great is subjective; does that mean straight teeth or perfectly aligned ones?

See a Specialist

The most obvious way to find a good orthodontist is simply by seeing one. To pick out a specialist, you can use online reviews, ask friends and family or consult with your dentist. Or, if you live in an area with a dental school nearby, check their student list or go see one of their specialists. Regardless of where you go and who you consult, make sure they’re board-certified by one of these organizations. American Board of Orthodontics (ABO), American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) or Royal College of Dentists (RCD). If your selected specialist does not appear on at least two out of three lists—you should move on.

Talk with Friends and Family

Asking friends and family is a great way to find out if they know anyone who has had adult orthodontics near me treatment. This kind of endorsement carries weight with new patients because it’s coming from someone you trust. While you can get referrals from friends and family, keep in mind that any information you receive is anecdotal. If your cousin got braces for her teeth and loved her experience, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you will too. Ultimately, it comes down to finding a doctor you feel comfortable with. One who is going to explain your options thoroughly, answer all of your questions. Offer solid treatment plans and help ease your worries as much as possible throughout each stage of care.

Pick the Right Provider

Choosing an orthodontist who is best for you can be a difficult process, so start by researching reviews. Remember that your doctor should not just offer professional orthodontic services. But he or she should also take into account your financial situation and personal preferences. Asking friends and family members may help you narrow down your options; once you’ve made some initial choices, it may be helpful to set up appointments with all of them and have each one complete a survey on what they like most about their doctor. Ultimately, once you’ve found a provider who is right for you and have established a close relationship with him or her. Your orthodontic needs will be met with ease.

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