How To Incorporate Smartphones into Your Experiential Event

Experiential events are meant for customer engagement and interaction, and you need to put extra effort into your experiences. Talking about the success factors of an experiential event, technology will take a central position. Nothing can unify your customers more than a tiny piece of technology that everyone carries in their purse or pocket – the smartphone! If you want to allow your consumers a more personalized interaction, you should focus on incorporating a cell phone in your event. This post will explain how to incorporate smartphones into your experiential event. Keep reading to know more!

Ways To Incorporate Smartphones in Your Event:

The mobile aspect of your experiential event could be a new trend, and you can generate loads of leads and sales. Providing your customers a personalized experience and interaction with your brand could be easier with smartphone integration. However, mobile phones are not new additions to the marketing game; you still need to find ways to add more glamour to your show. Here are a few techniques you should capitalize on for better-integrating smartphones in your experiential event.

1. QR codes:

Scanning a QR code using a mobile phone can lead your customers directly to your products or services page. It can seamlessly connect users to a web page where they can discover more about your products, services, and prices. Moreover, you can also ask them to purchase your product/service using this code if your offerings cater to their needs.

It is not only about purchasing or discovering your products or services. You can also use QR codes and ask your visitors to like your Facebook and Instagram pages. Using a QR code can streamline user experiences with your brand, and you can gather consumer feedback through this technique.

2. Location-based marketing:

Numerous cell phone users are seeking their phones for location-based explicit data. Event hosts can link their experiential event promotion to location-based search keywords. Send your event data to nearby online communities like local area bulletins and local sites and sites. Are you struggling with your experiential event activities? Consider hiring a professional experiential event agency Dubai and let them help your cause!

Utilize these online venues to contact individuals nearby, with the goal that the local area realizes your event is coming. This makes it simpler for them to connect with others and assist you with promoting your occasion.

3. Text offers:

Sending text messages has always been an effective way to stay in touch with your audience. However, you can utilize this technique in your experiential event and send the latest offers to your customers. Moreover, you can also publicize your experiential show using text messages, leading to enhanced audience interaction, attendance, and sales.

Requesting a short customer survey through text messages is a fine gesture to evaluate your brand’s stand in the consumer market. Since customers are not always ready to share their numbers or read your texts, you must offer them a strong incentive. The stronger the incentive, the higher the chances of winning the game!

4. Augmented reality applications:

Adding some technology to reality using AR applications on smartphones could be beneficial. It takes what is in front of your audience and combines it with something virtual for better experiences. The AR component can play a vital role in drawing in more audiences for your experiential marketing, and you should never ignore it.

Using the cellular devices of your audience can enable you to throw a splendid and personalized experiential event. You can use your creative spin using AR tech and allow your audience to interact with your brand fruitfully. If you don’t know how to go about such experiences, you can hire an expert and see how they come up with creative ideas.

5. Encourage the audience to share your content:

Focusing on smartphones in your experiential marketing can assist you with sharing your content. Those who haven’t attended your event can see what was offered on-site, and a mobile device can play a crucial role in it. Asking your audience to share the link on their social accounts and walls is a fine gesture.

Streamlining such experiences is often challenging, especially if you are new to the industry. You always need an expert on your side to help you with event marketing, content sharing, and incorporating mobile phones. Who but a professional experiential event agency in Dubai can help your cause? These tech-driven experts will streamline the event activities and ensure your audience enjoys every segment of your show!

Generate more leads with experiential events!

Throwing an experiential event could be an excellent way of generating more leads in the current dynamic era. Customers are more educated than before and will only buy your product if they find it suitable. Let them interact with your products in an experiential show and generate more sales. Contact event organizing agencies in Dubai and hire experts for the job and throw the event!

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