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A flexible and cool printer that is damn user-friendly and is a no-brainer deal when it comes to buying it. It is a promising printer which will surely give out an amazing performance while working.

The Canon IJ printer allows you to connect it with a different set of devices via various methods like USB CABLE, WIRELESS, and WIRED.

In this article, you will get to know how you can get the setup via the wired method. Let’s get on with it then.


What is the benefit of connecting canon ij printers via a wired network?

A wired network gives us the permission to use multiple devices on a wired network and operate the preferred canon ij printer. setup process


Mainly it’s just a matter of two steps and then done which are as follows:

  • Associating your canon ij printer with your windows computer.
  • Installing the driver and completing the setting process.


USB connection method


Let’s start with establishing the USB connection to begin with


Linking PC and Canon printer


  • You have to insert one point of a cable inside the port of USB that would be there on the canon ij printer and the other end in the USB port that would be there on your computer.
  • Now you have to plug the power cable in and without any further ado switch on your canon ij printer.
  • Now as you have linked your canon ij printer with your computer via USB you need to install the driver of the printer.

And that’s it your canon ij printer is done and set up in no time.

Now as we know that canon ij printer is so flexible when it comes to its setting up and it can be connected via different methods let’s hop on to our next way which is the wired network.


Associating your canon ij printer to the router

Here are the steps that you can follow and will make you aware of how to associate your canon ij printer device to your router:

  • Link one end part of the cable of Ethernet in the canon ij printer and the next end of that cable into the router.
  • Now you have to switch ON your canon ij printer.
  • After following the previous step check on the canon ij printer’s control panel, you have to now use the arrow key to choose “MENU” and then navigate your way to tap on “NETWORK SETTINGS”.
  • Choose the preferred LAN which is wired.
  • As soon as your canon ij printer is linked to the wired LAN you now need to install the driver of the printer on your preferred windows computer device.
  • There is one thing that you need to keep in mind and that is you have to install the right and the most updated driver of the printer to let the communication between your canon ij printer with the windows computer system without any disturbances and correctly.
  • Now if your computer on its finds out the printer then just keep going on through the article and, then you will know what to do but if that doesn’t happen then you would have to download and install the driver of the printer on your own.
  • And that’s it; the canon ij setup is voila done, and completes your setup.


How to install the driver of the printer (without disc)


Now if in the case that you really can’t get hold of your disc or installation CD then you can follow the steps stated below to have the driver of the printer:

  • Go to the Canon support website ( or support webpage of the canon.
  • Type on the model of your product and choose from the list of results.
  • Move down to the section of drivers and downloads. Select the operating system, and the snap-on select button that would be present next to the driver you want to download.
  • Hit on download.
  • Now you need to unlock the file downloaded and touch the Yes option that would be displayed when you have to continue.
  • You need to know one fact and that is, the driver of the printer may be similar but they won’t be the same.
  • After following the previous step you have to hit on to the next button, which would be there in the setup wizard. Touch on the Yes option now.
  • Now if you associate your canon ij printer through the USB cable, then select the connection of USB. But if you use the Wi-Fi or Ethernet linking way then choose the network connection and hit on next.

Follow the above-given procedure to rightfully ij setup and start happy and easy printing.


Common problems


A few common problems you may face while doing the are mentioned that too with simple one-liner solutions:

  • Loose wire or ruptured wire or USB Cable: – Solution: check beforehand that your wire is in a good condition.
  • A slow process of setup: – Solution: it may happen that your internet connection doesn’t have a good speed and is rather working at a very slow pace. To ensure that your network is in a good condition.
  • The devices are linked to a different network: – Solution: make sure that your devices are connected to the same network so that they are linked together.



In the end, I would hope that the above-stated procedure would help you all to ij setup your printer device and windows system via the wired method. If you are following up the whole process then there is no doubt that the process of ij setup would be smooth enough and you will face no difficulties throughout, but still, if you may face any problem you can contact the canon helpdesk and ask for their help.

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