How To Make A Big Couch Look Smaller

If your living room is smaller, but your couch is too large, it doesn’t make sense, and it doesn’t convey luxury. 

By creating a cluttered and crowded feeling in a room, large sofas make a room feel smaller.

The question here is how to make an oversized couch appear smaller in order to fit into a small space. We will cover all of these issues in this guide. 

Although it is hard to reduce the physical size of the couch, you can make big sofas appear smaller by using the following techniques.

1. Don’t Place Your Couch In the Center Of Living Room.

A large couch placed in the center of a room may make it feel cramped. 

What is the best place to place the sofas so that the smaller room appears bigger? The your room is 10 ft x 13 ft or 7 ft x 10 ft, you must place the couch on the wider side.

The couch must be placed on the side of the room that is 10ft wide if you have a 7ft x 10ft room.

It will never make your room appear smaller, since this watch arranges the couch perfectly. I prefer to have my couches on the wide side in my office. It looks more comfortable that way.


What are the benefits of this arrangement for your living room? You will have much more space at the center of this type of arrangement. The living room will automatically become wide enough if there is enough space at the center.

2. Arrange You Couch To Make Natural Pathways

Depending on where they are placed in the room, couches can sometimes appear too big. Make sure there are clear, natural pathways around the too-large piece and the rest of the items in the room.

Also, the most obvious way to open up the space and make it feel more natural is to not stack unnecessary items on each side of the couch.  

As an example, in a living room, a space’s primary function is to provide a place for sleeping, so any path leading to the bed should be kept clear.

By allowing the eye to travel easily through the room, each piece of furniture can be seen without distraction.

3. You Can Buy Custom Couches

It is immensely satisfying to have custom furniture made for you. Changing houses won’t affect your furniture arrangement. 

Your workspace can be customized with custom couches. In a small room, you can fit a 5-7 seater couch that is also comfortable.

It is possible to completely customize your living room with a custom couch. In other words, you can arrange your furniture either in an urban or British way, depending on your taste.

4. Choose Lighter Color Fabrics For Couches

Dopamine is released when we look at bright, light colors, making us feel good. If you have an oversized couch in your room, you can change its fabric to a light color that will automatically brighten the room.

To make your outfits more beautiful, pick light pink, gray, or cream colors. 

Compared to dark-colored fabrics, light-colored ones look more comfortable and relaxing, as dark colors don’t stimulate dopamine too much. 

The room will appear brighter and larger when the room is painted in paler shades than when it is painted in darker tones.

If you want a more luxurious feel, match bed sheets, mats, carpets, and couches.

5. Pay Attention To Scale

Ensure that the surrounding furniture fits the surrounding space. Since the couch is so large, you might think it’s best to choose small, dainty pieces that occupy little room.

A small coffee table and end tables can make your sofa look clumsy in the room, even if you don’t want to pair it with equally oversized furniture.

Opt for pieces that are mid-sized and have clean lines to balance the couch’s appearance.

You should avoid hanging tiny frames near your couch, as this will highlight its size. 

7. Should You Buy Oversized Couches

Because a small couch reduces the seating arrangement, it’s not the best solution to increase the space.

We don’t have room to put one in this room with the couch. If a couch doesn’t have enough space, this is the visual aesthetic. 

Comfort is another reason to buy an oversized couch. A large sofa will make your room more comfortable and welcoming. Your comfort will be significantly enhanced, allowing you to create the ambiance you desire.

People sometimes have to entertain guests. This is the second big reason why one might consider purchasing an oversized couch. Sofas can accommodate more guests the larger they are.

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