How to Scan documents Into a Single PDF Document?


This Help and Information tutorial will discover five ways to scan and merge all the pages of assignment to create a single PDF document.

Method 1: Connecting any device that supports Online2PDF.

If you’re using computers there are numerous free web-based PDF converters as well as merging sites which can combine the PDF documents for you.

To make use of these options, you’ll require scans or photos of the pages from your assignment

Begin by scanning every page of the assignment , and save the scans to the location you will be able to quickly access them from your computer. Make sure your images appear on the right facing up.

The most effective one we came across was Online2PDF which can take several kinds of documents (pdf documents, ppt, docx as well as docx, ppt, and pdf) and then transform and blend the files you have into a single PDF file. It is also possible to reduce the size in order for the file to be shared via email.

To utilize Online2PDF to use Online2PDF, simply select on the “Select files” button or simply drag and drop the documents you wish to combine. After that, click “Convert” or click “Convert” button. The merged PDF file will begin downloading onto your computer. Save the file by adding your name, the name of your class and the description of your assignment. The document is ready to be handed to your instructor.

Method 2: Using Google Docs

If you’ve captured images or scanned your documents into photographs (.jpg, .png) then you can use google documents to make them one document. Google Docs offers an online copy of Microsoft Word that is free (you require a Google account).

Sign in using your Google account. Hit the blue plus icon to create the new document. Cut and copy your photos into the Google Doc, each image on a page. Choose “File” > “Download as PDF document. Make sure you save the file with a name that is able to identify you, your class and the assignment you are handed in

This process can also be carried out by using Microsoft Word if you have access to it.

Method 3: Scanning files on the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch using the Notes application

  1. Open Notes and choose notes or create another one.
  2. Click the Camera button to begin scanning documents in Notes and then tap Scan Documents
  3. Your document should be placed in front by the camera.
  4. When your phone is set to Auto mode and your document is in Auto mode, it will scan automatically. If you want to capture the scan manually then tap the Shutter button. and then press the Shutter button for a capture the scan, or use one of Volume’s buttons. Drag the corners to make the scan match the layout of the page, then select Keep Scan.
  5. Click Save or add more images to your document.

Method 4: Using an iOS/Android phone app: QuickScan App for Document Scanner App

The best all-round Scanner app for Android (Also iOS version available)

QuickScan is one of the most known apps for scanning documents on Android (it also comes with an iOS Version). Snap a photo of your document, and it will scan the edges, adjust the perspective and make your documents as crisp as could be. Select the best of the five images it creates, and save the document to your phone’s storage , or upload it to social media.

The program QuickScan is extremely efficient. In particular, I regularly scan business documents like invoices, contracts, receipts, receipts and many more. I previously used the scanner in my home office, however, now I use the QuickScan application via my phone. One of the best features of the app is that it doesn’t require the internet connection to a PC, and allows you to scan traveling. Because it’s available through Android it isn’t necessary to buy new equipment or software. You can begin using it immediately once you’ve downloaded it.

Method 5: Email yourself using a mobile Device

You can send the files yourself. Download them to your computer. Then merge or shrink the size of them using any of the other options for computers mentioned above.

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