How to setup a QuickBooks online

How to setup QuickBooks Online
From running a small business to large scale business, paying bills to taxes, QuickBooks has all these important features, which are necessary for your business.
If you are a newbie, recently started a business, and planning to use QuickBooks.
Then this article is for you.

QuickBooks has changed the life of many small and medium businesses. It saves you lots of time and money. It makes your accounting smooth and easy to handle.

Let us see how you can set up Quickbooks online and enjoy a hustle-free accounting.

Before setting up the QuickBooks, get to know about its installation.

How to install QuickBooks?
Here are step-by-step instructions for installing your QuickBooks online software.
Download QuickBooks

Open your browser and type, QuickBooks Online software.
You see lots of results, click on Intuit
After opening one of the websites, you get the option of Register..
Register and log in yourself.
After login, you will get the option of Download.
Download the software.

Installation of QuickBooks
Open the software and activate it.
For activating, first you have to enter the license number and product information.
Click on OK.
Your software is activated
Now click on install.
Complete the installation process and you are ready to use QuickBooks.

Steps to setup QuickBooks
After completing the downloading and installation, it’s time to set up QuickBooks. Follow these steps and set up your QuickBooks.
For this go to the Gear icon>account settings> company.

When selecting an account and settings, there comes a drop-down menu, select the company and start filing the details.
1.Enter your company’s details
Start with filing all the detailed information about your company.
Company’s name
Company’s address
Company type
Contact details
Phone number

Enter all the necessary information regarding your company. If you want to edit, there is an editing tool too. You can easily edit the information.

2. Fill up the tax form
 The next process is to fill up the details regarding your tax. You need to enter your Employer id number and social security number. You need not worry, as all these data are secure with QuickBooks.

3.Decide your fiscal year or month
Usually the fiscal year of most of the business is March, but it’s all up to you. Enter , when your fiscal year starts. As it keeps an eye on your taxes.and it is never going to miss. You can fill it monthly also.

4. Choose the accounting method
Now choose whether you prefer the cash method or the accretion method. The one that you are used to , choose that one. Or you can take suggestions from someone( obviously, from an experienced one) to deciding the best accounting method.
5. Choose currency
Now it’s time to choose the currency, in which you accept payments. If you have a large-scale business, dealing all over the world, then choose the Multi-Currency option otherwise you can choose home currency. Make sure that once you choose Multicurrency, you can’t undo it.

6. It’s time for Logo
The logo is the identity of any company. It is the first thing that catches the attention of anyone. You should wisely decide your logo. It should be simple to understand yet catchy.

Save all the data and you are ready to use your QuickBooks.

Adding multiple companies in QuickBooks
You can set up multiple companies at the same time. QuickBooks has this unique feature that you can work with multiple companies simultaneously. Follow the steps –
Open the software.
Go to the Gear icon.
Select accounting
A drop-down menu will appear.
Click on Add company.
Enter all credentials.
Now you can switch between any company.

QuickBooks is the solution to almost all your problems regarding accounting.It is safe to use and easily set up in any environment. It comes in various versions, according to your budget and system.
You can easily download it and setup. Once you start using QuickBooks, you can resist using it.

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