How to unlock your Jio sim with PUK Code?

From the last many years, JIO has gained so much popularity and users of Jio are increasing worldwide. Everyone in India loves to use the service of reliance jio, their products and much more. So, in this article we will know about the PUK code and how it helps to unlock your phone. 

What is the Jio Puk Code?

With increasing the number of users globally the number of requests for PIN or we can say for PUK code is also increasing. And, this is the case not only in one state, there are various states where jio users are increasing. Now, come to PUK code, it is a “Personal Unlocking Key” which is a security feature offered by all the mobile manufacturing companies. The work of PUK code is to protect your sim card important data.

We can also say that it works as a security to protect against fraud, misuse of sim cards.

PUK code contains 4 to 8 digit numeric code and is provided by all the network service providers.

Minor difference between Pin code and PUK code:

We all faced and heard the pin code of most of the operators is 1234 or “0000” while PUK code is unique which is almost impossible to guess or crack.

Where PIN code is similar, to know the PUK code of any operator you have to call customer support team who tells you various methods to try or your Jio Puk Code. You can get the customer support email and number from their website.

When we required this puk code?

After setting your 4 digit pin code in your mobile, when you reboot your phone any time it will ask for the pin code. In case of entering the wrong pin code 3 times then you have to enter the puk code. But entering the limit of PUK code is 10 times, after trying 10 times your sim card can be blocked by the customer support team. To unlock your sim you need a PUK code which will be provided by the operators.

Methods to get Jio Puk code online:

There are only two methods that can help you to get a code:

  1. In this method, you simply need to call the customer support team by their toll free number. It will take some time, but they will reach to assist you. Make sure to take all your essential documents with you, as they will ask for verification. Document details they can ask for are address proof, father name etc., Once you verify your identity they will tell you your PUK code.
  2. In the second method, you have to email the support team with your issue, they will raise a ticket and will revert you in 24 hours. They will confirm everything on mail and share your PUK code over the same mail.

Hope these methods help you to unlock your sim card. Other operators may have the similar kind of service for the PUK code.

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