IBM i (AS/400) Application Modernization

If you need to rethink how your company did business when a pandemic occurred, you are not alone. The closure of many organizations, offices, shops, and clinics that rely on IBM I applications has helped them adapt to modern reality. In some industries, IBM i (AS/400) Application Modernization

can mean keeping employees remote, switching from physical stores to e-commerce, or making virtual healthcare assignments. Logistics and transportation companies need to meet their wishes as more consumers

buy goods online as retail sales plummet and e-commerce sales spike. Business Insider reports that US e-commerce will increase by 18% by 2020. This was after the February report predicted a 2.8% increase. IBM’s modernization has become increasingly important these days. ¬†Katienicholl

While these changes are undoubtedly challenging for many, they also mean innovation opportunities. The role of IT (IBM I!) Is very important in the modern digital economy. IT leaders need to meet with their business partners to consider how to prepare for business growth.

Digital failures have been occurring in all industries for years as companies compete for customer consideration and loyalty. Focusing on the customer experience to grow your business is the driving force behind digital transformation, and modernizing the IBM i series is an important process. This may seem unusual if you don’t know which company to invest in to give your business the best value.

In recent IT jungle departments, reports have revealed the role that web and mobile applications can play in delivering rapid benefits to digital transformation efforts. It’s best to start by updating your existing green screen application or developing a new strategic application. If you haven’t learned the features that web technology provides before, it may be requested by internal users and customers. They want a modern, intuitive application that is easy to access and navigate.

As technology evolved, IBM developed business capabilities for distributing web and mobile applications.

Organizations often ask a lot of questions when starting a web and mobile development project. Here are my top 5 questions and my thoughts on how to make the project as successful as possible.

I’m a busy IT manager and competitive, but many complain that my application is out of date. What kind of project should I start?

I usually recommend focusing on growth areas that generate and maintain revenue in order to find value-driven companies. This can be a mandatory e-commerce application with mobile capabilities, or a B2B order access application that allows clients to order quickly online. Upgrading the green screen is another direct benefit of reducing training and supporting remote access of agents. A typical IBM IWeb development project can take 3-8 months. These projects solve key challenges in pursuing ROI and achieve rapid success.

We also found that these initiatives bring a variety of projects and opportunities to IT departments. In many cases, modernizing applications and deploying browser-based solutions is very obvious. Extending upgraded applications that provide true business value helps other business units understand the value of IBM I and its ability to deliver IT. This usually leads to other innovation initiatives.

Can other companies share examples of completed projects?

Many business people are looking to extend their ERP capabilities, whether it’s a third-party ERP system (such as Info BPCS) or a proprietary approach. In most cases, the organizations we serve need self-service B2B solutions that simplify processes such as ordering and checking inventory for employees, customers, and partners.

Some organizations need to improve their internal operations. Many healthcare companies are working with a team of experts to enhance the capabilities of their green screen applications by providing a modern web interface. WebGUI has increased end-user productivity with a more intuitive UX that guides RPG code and facilitates access to lab results. Organizations also understand that data listing errors are reduced because the data is entered directly into the application.

If you’ve already upgraded your app, let’s see how to improve it. MedAxcess is an IBM I browser-based application developed in 2006. Presenting analytical data displayed on interactive charts, graphs and dashboards to Medoxiom members, we recently gained significant experience and improvements to better support and improve consumer activity on mobile devices. ..

IBM i (AS/400) Application Modernization

How can I get the job done with just time and resources?

We often hear that the IBM Development Store needs to do more with less resources, and as a result, cannot develop currency applications.

In most cases, the two-step development process is the most successful in terms of market value and time to market. The main step is to find the IBM I. application. Here, the team investigates the client system, registers the business, defines the goals of the project, and assesses the costs. From there, work with the client to build a wireframe that acts as a roadmap for the entire development phase.

During the wire framing process, the client’s new user interface and new user experience are included. In most scenarios, a particular application will be integrated with existing practices. For example, you need a sales team or client front end, even if you already have a full engagement or inventory management system. Impact is an unlimited innovation solution that does not force changes in business practices.

Development will continue in the second phase. The Fresh Services team may take over or collaborate with the client’s technical resources. For example, we are currently working with a client to develop an RPG storage procedure that leverages existing resources and skill sets to return the data needed by a front-end application. Elucidate the front end so that you can focus on the departments they know best and develop your area of ‚Äč‚Äčexpertise.

IBM i (AS/400) Application Modernization
IBM i (AS/400) Application Modernization

I’m worried about the risk. We all know software development projects that cost more than $ 1 million and throw lying down. IBM i (AS/400) Application Modernization

Taking a step-by-step approach to collaboration with web development reduces risk by being directly involved from the beginning. A thorough inspection process and wireframing increase the likelihood of delivery by impressing how the application works before development begins.

My recommendation for anyone looking for digital modernization and innovation is to start from scratch. Running zero is no longer an alternative. It can be expanded by adopting a step-by-step procedure. You probably started by developing a B2B app that meets your customers and have been doing that for a long time. Web and mobile development can be the first step towards a digital transformation course. If you take a small step, you are at least moving forward.

Nowadays, IBM’s application management and modernization solutions are very important. Security is the main purpose of considering an IBM I. system upgrade. As IBM software gets older, it becomes less secure. One of the most serious cases is software built into the operating system. According to the adoption of SpiceWorks OS, 52% of enterprises are still running Windows XP. If your platform relies on an older operating system because it doesn’t work with the latest version, it’s less secure because it’s a dangerous area that can impact your business.

It’s not just the results of the upgrade that you need to run your app more comfortably. Over time, security protocols such as multi-factor authentication and encryption have been developed and will continue to be developed. You can catch up with legacy systems. Vendor requests are stopped and important information is attacked for a long time. The worst part is that patch vendors no longer support software.

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