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Interior decoration construction process and its types Interior Fit Out Companies

Interior “decoration” refers to the process of preparing an interior space for a profession. When building a commercial building, the interior space is usually open to determine the level of decoration (or decoration) that the resident needs.

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Ideally, this refurbishment allows the company to design and create the look of the facility.


When preparing a building, decoration refers to activities such as flooring, ceilings, partitions, and furniture installation. In addition, building services such as wiring, wiring, internet connectivity, and communication arrangements can be part of the refurbishment process.


Decorating and decorating: what’s the difference?

People usually confuse ornaments with ornaments. In most cases, both can be used interchangeably. However, although they are closely related, both have their own purposes and procedures.


To help you understand these two terms, let’s take office decoration as an example.


What is office decoration?

This includes occupying free space and converting it to an available office location. This includes the installation of several structural features such as window installation, door installation, heating, ducts and ventilation.


Office decoration is closely related to office interior design. Here are the features you need to give your location a professional look. Ideally, decoration is a transformation that makes the space more beautiful. This includes painting, adding better furniture and some decoration. Office refurbishment usually takes longer than the refurbishment process.


What kind of decoration is it?

Commercial ornaments fall into three categories: Class A, Class B, and Core Shell ornaments. To make more informed decisions when decorating a commercial space, you need to understand what each category covers.


Shell and core decoration

Here, the construction framework is ready and awaiting the refurbishment process. On the outside, the exterior walls of the building are completely visible, but some components such as power, interior walls, lighting, and heat are missing.


Shell and core decorations allow businesses to customize the space to their specifications. This is suitable for large companies that occupy a lot of space.


Class A decoration

Category decorations are usually found in rentable commercial facilities. This is a basic functional unit with some utilities such as wiring and sanitary ware.


Type A updates typically include the installation of the following features:


power outlet

Raised floor

HVAC system

Fire extinguishing system


Grid ceiling

It is a functional space in nature, but lacks the secondary features of a design suitable for use. From this construction stage, the enterprise enters and implements the Type B scheme.


Class B decoration

Class B decorations are arranged with business needs and images in mind. This refurbishment will install functional components and systems not included in Category A. In other words, Category B is the aesthetic design and decoration phase where the space is dedicated to business.




This step includes adding curtains, adding furniture, lighting, flooring, partitioning, painting, and adding brands.


For best results, Category B should be inspired by corporate culture, professional ethics, team size, and consensus. This is the stage where you use your creativity and business style to build a compelling brand image.


Things to consider before starting a renovation project

Commercial renewal requires a lot of planning and preparation. Before you start your project, consider the following important factors:


Comprehensive price quote

Before proceeding with a commercial office refurbishment project, make sure that the first quote you receive from an interior design company is comprehensive and at no other cost. Check your quote to make sure it contains the following:


Design brief

Technical plan

Evaluation of the building

project management

Distribution of materials

Put up with

Comprehensive proposals allow companies to effectively budget their entire project without sacrificing a sharp increase in final costs.


Designed for the brand

The design of the new office should match the color, appearance, culture, values ​​and brand vision of the company. This should be an extension of other marketing and advertising material. In this way, customers get the same impression when they step into the office, read pamphlets, browse company websites, or visit social media pages.




Service system design efficiency

Design and decoration methods need to enable different workplace systems to function effectively to meet the needs of employees (

IT migration and communication

Moving from one workplace to another significantly disrupts the basics of communication, such as the Internet and telephone. For some companies, even the slightest interruption in communication can cause problems or lose many customers.


This can be avoided by hiring a trusted exchange specialist to create a reliable migration plan for the communication system. The seamless migration process allows customers to make phone calls by email, text message, or phone, even if the company moves to a new office.


Compliance with new space law

The new design must meet all government requirements, including:


Fire alarm and fire extinguisher

Safe electrical equipment

Enough work space

Efficient and comfortable working environment

Health and hygiene

Adhering to the above regulations can reduce the risk of employee illness, injury and accidents. The company also avoided unnecessary causes.


A unique opportunity to expand your space

It’s not always practical, but it’s important to design your office for future business growth, and you’ll have more equipment and furniture to serve more customers. With room for expansion, businesses can avoid the need for relocation and save more money.


Commercial renewal procedure

The entire refurbishment process can be daunting. It seeks the opinions of construction and design workers and experts. Use the following steps when setting up a new business space.


Choose a team to decorate

Choose the right person to manage and supervise your refurbishment project in your company. In this project, we will select individuals who are organized, creative, numbered and able to make decisions. With the team:


Determine what works in the workplace and what is right for your employees

Budgeting and communication

Check the required space

Prepare for future growth and expansion as needed

Ideally, team members should come from different departments of the company so that the refurbished project can meet the needs of everyone in the new field.


Create search and ranking

If you need to choose whether your business stays in an existing building or moves to another location, consult broadly to make a more profitable choice. Affordable to live in, moving can offer more opportunities for future growth and expansion.


If you are looking for a new or more suitable commercial space, choose a highly recommended real estate agent to help you.


Hire a legal team

The team is not only responsible for comparing leases and starting the transaction process, but is also responsible for completing the old lease when the business moves. It also meets all other legal requirements of the project.


Choose a relocation or remodeling partner

Investigate, evaluate and select the best relocation or remodeling company for your project. Taking care of multiple suppliers can be difficult, so make sure your home remodeling partner can provide all the services you need for your business.


Design and development

Discuss with your office interior designer to determine the design and scope of your quote. At the same time, it communicates all needs as brand and operational efficiency.


Pre-construction scheme

The business must be running, even if the project is taking place. Discuss with your renewal partner and plan ways to minimize confusion.


Start the update process

Once the refurbishment process has begun, keep in touch with your team so that you can effectively implement your plan changes.


run down

If you want to move to a new location, the previous building management department may ask the company to leave the original location. So make a plan and carry out your plan with your fitness partner.  Interior Fit Out Companies

Interior Fit Out Companies
Interior Fit Out Companies

mobile Interior Fit Out Companies

When you’re ready to move to your new office, hire a reputable company to make the migration process as seamless as possible. Therefore, it is important to choose a comprehensive remodeling company that can provide all services, including relocation, early in the project.  Interior Fit Out Companies


Continuous maintenance

After the business transfer, please confirm that the condition of fire, hydraulic control, fire prevention, etc. is good. Adjustments that may be required after moving in can be made at any time during maintenance.


8 decorative mistakes you should avoid

The decoration requires a lot of patience and attention to detail. The following are decoration mistakes made by many companies.


  1. Emergency planning

Skipping or rushing during the planning phase can result in inadequate updates, wasting money and time. Structural barriers are likely to occur and require regular replacement. Interior Fit Out Companies


Ask your fitness professional to plan the best results. They use limited space and increase their budget without sacrificing quality. Interior Fit Out Companies


  1. Malfunction layout design

Use a layout plan that combines existing and future businesses

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