Latest Technology News and Updated Techniques

I have written many articles on the technology such as “Metal 3D printer is a Great Invention”. But here i am going to tell you about latest technology news and updated gadgets. As you know that this is the age of technology. So a nation can not get progress without the awareness in technology. So technology pays a great roll in the progress of a nation. Here i will tell you some interesting and also wonderful news. I am sure you have never heard about this before.

Latest technology news:

Here are some latest technology news. So keep a look on this article.

1. Hackers use fake Musk account to rob users:

This is the most discussing news on the Twitter. The news is that some people are using a fake account on the name of Elon Musk. So they rob the people with the use of this account. Celebrity Elon Musk said on Twitter that this is not his own account. Some people are making his reputation bad. He is a Bitcoin retailer popular in all around the world. So hackers receive a little amount and publish them the Bitcoin. Twitter account apologies to the people. Hackers hacked the accounts and sent some messages. So they could not recognize the hackers.

2. Opera invested $30 million in an entertainment company:

An internet company Opera invested $30 million in an entertainment company called “Star maker”. This company invested money to establish the entertainment company. The Star maker company will engage more updates in itself for the users. The followers and users will be able to record their own music and voice. Even they will be able to manage and arrange their own music. So they will share their own musical videos to other users or singers. Opera’s CEO and other managers appreciated the Star maker on their wonderful working.

4. Facebook promises to curb hate speeches:

Facebook is a social communication network. It spread all around the world. Facebook promises the people to curb the hate speeches on social media. FB is introducing more tools and also techniques to control the disputes on it. Facebook is introducing this because of the 700000 kills in Myanmar. Kills were done because of a speech against the human rights in 2017. Facebook owner said that we are hiring more human rights in the site. So we are engaging with the NGOs, academic and as well as to international organisations. We are trying to do well for the users. Facebook will organize this tool may be on the starting of this new year.

5. China unveil new Space Station:

This is a big and terrifying news for America that China has built a new space station. This space station is called :Heavenly Palace”. This is the latest technology news for all the world. This heavenly space station is 17 meter (55 foot) in length. China showed it in its war exhibition in its city Zhuhai. This was a great country side exhibition of China. This space station is a star attraction. They spent millions to build this space station. This is a latest space station in all around the world. Even any country did not have this kind of latest updated space station.

6. Cyber Security introduction:

As you know that the world is worried about cyber. Any unknown person can hack your data easily. So he deletes or access your data in a wrong way. He even can hack your bank accounts and can withdraw a lot of money from your account. Some companies are working on this to defend them from this wrong access. These companies are trying to make anti-cyber files and apps to control and save their data.Many countries have introduced stick laws against the cyber crime. But no one can take proper access on this crime. It is too difficult to recognize the cyber criminal person.

So these are some latest technology news which i have shared to you. So if you want more news and updates. Then keep connect with me.

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