Marketing objectives: why and which ones to define

It often happens to receive e-mails from potential customers who want to have an online presence, very few talk about business goals, or potential goals to be achieved to grow their company.

You cannot think of having an online presence and wandering into the void.

In your opinion, is having more likes on a post on Facebook and Instagram, or more views in a story, is a goal to achieve?

KissAnime knows, this is what everyone wants, a thousand numbers, as a Follower on Instagram and Facebook.

Recently in a story, I wanted to reiterate the importance we insiders have of educating entrepreneurs and professionals to use digital to achieve their business and marketing goals.

I’m sorry to tell you, but the numbers are not objective.

Defining business objectives is the first step to take before implementing digital marketing actions.

Why is setting goals important?

When an entrepreneur or a professional decides to position himself in digital, he must have a clear idea of ​​the objectives he wants to achieve, obviously beyond fame and notoriety.

I want to talk about this aspect because we move from objectives to action. Or rather, the actions to be implemented in digital are identified, this applies to any strategy you want to apply for your company, such as: positioning yourself on social media, creating creative content, starting an advertising campaign.

What marketing objectives to define?

When studying a strategy, the 3 main bases to start with are:

  • business objectives to be achieved
  • study potential customers
  • develop the actions to be implemented digitally

The possible business objectives to be defined are the following:

  • increase website traffic 
  • increase the conversions of my e-commerce
  • increase the revenue of my company by the end of the year by a specific percentage
  • increase the sales of a product
  • develop solid community overtime to promote products and services
  • promote products and services to a well-defined audience
  • do Lead Generation
  • positioning myself in the digital world for a specific topic
  • increase retention in my company
  • Increase the LTV (lifetime value) of my product
  • attracting new customers to my local business

These are some of the business objectives that an entrepreneur can define within digital. The goals vary from company to company. For example, e-commerce can have various objectives, including traffic and conversion goals for a product category, or increase the minutes spent on its pages.

The goals of a local business will be: to attract new customers to the store, get customers back to buy, promote new products and get them to buy related products.

If you are wondering if positioning yourself on Instagram and Facebook is a goal? No, it is not.

Positioning yourself and having a presence on social networks is part of a social media strategy that always starts from business objectives.

How to define actions based on objectives.

As they always say: “From the objective, we pass to the action”. Said so it seems simple, but it is not!

I’ll give you some examples!

Example 1: promoting a paid guide

Objective: I want to promote a paid guide that can help professionals and entrepreneurs better understand how to invest their budget in digital marketing.

Business situation: I don’t want to open a structured website, but I want to test the sale of the guide with a landing page.

Action (s): development of a landing page for the sale of the guide, promotion of the landing with a conversion advertising campaign with positioning on Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads.

In this case, the landing page must be structured in such a way that the sale of the guide is successful and there is the information necessary to achieve the goal. Once the landing page with design, copy, and cta has been developed, we move on to putting it online and starting the advertising campaigns.

The KPIs to monitor for an entrepreneur are different:

  • total of visits to the landing received in a day
  • time spent inside the landing
  • total conversions (based on total visits) during the day
  • total traffic received from Facebook and Instagram campaigns

These are some of the metrics to consider for the success of the strategy based on the marketing objective set.

Example 2: Bringing new customers to a candy store

Objective: I would like to introduce my products and attract new customers for my local business to parents, teens, and adults who love candy in my city. This is a case of a notoriety and brand awareness goal

Business situation: it often happens that local entrepreneurs do not have much budget to invest in marketing activities (at least when they are at the beginning). So the actions to be taken are often low-budget with well-targeted actions.

Action (s): A possible action is to create a creative advertising campaign on Facebook and Instagram that attracts potential customers to visit the store.

In studying this type of campaign, it is necessary to have a clear idea of ​​the potential customer to bring to the store and to entice people to eat candy.

The KPIs to monitor are:

  • coverage achieved through advertising campaigns
  • how many people have requested shop information from campaigns
  • how many real visits there have been to the store thanks to the campaign

As you can see, the actions to be taken in digital vary according to objectives and type of activity.


Starting from business and marketing objectives is essential to be clear about which actions to define in digital. So, you need to define a brand awareness or conversion goal, or both.

Without goals you can’t go anywhere, the risks of implementing senseless digital actions are many, including investing money without real results.

Always remember this formula: GOALS> ACTIONS> KPI

What business objectives would you like to achieve for your company? Write them in the comments below!


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