Music tourism: Latest trend of tourism

Musical tourism is a new coming trend of the world. Music tourism is now being popular in many countries. It is an entertainment too. First of all we should understand the true meaning of music tourism. It is not about singing all. But it is also about selling of experience all over the world. So people went to many countries to listen singers. They went there in form of groups. They stay on many places and enjoy the company of new friends too. So they show their abilities to each other. It rose a new relation among them of humanity and as well as sympathy.

This is a new form of tourism. This kind of tourism became famous in mid of 1980 as well. Now it is popular in almost all the countries. Many singers and artists are invited to show their performance on large stage live. It gives a chance to the amateurs to show their talent to the world. Now singers held musical tours to increase their publicity. Zain malik, Taylor swift, Justin biber and many first class singers manage their tours for publicity. We will discuss briefly about musical tourism in this article.

Music tourism trends:

Music tourism is now a trend in almost all the countries. People feel joy and happiness to go on a musical tours. all these come from different countries to listen singers and to enjoy them. They set their tents and spend their time with each other. They talk about events and about their favorite personalities. also share joys and plan ties. This trend is come from western countries. It has made popularity in poor countries too like India.

This trend is came into being to keep people fresh. They were tired of their daily work. They listen music on screen. But they want to see their favorite personalities live in front of them. Many people held this festival in their towns. Because of that, they want to rose youngest talent up. Some held festivals for the popularity of their town. This attracts music lovers who are willing to travel far to be part of such events.

1. Musical trend in European countries:

Europe is a musical country. Musical industry is very famous in European countries. There are lot of first class and famous singers in these countries. These singers held tours in other countries to make them more famous. They held lot of musical events in their country. Even children come in these events too with younger. Every person is musical lover there. They earn a lot from musical industries.

There are lot of musical clubs. These clubs are decorated every night. Young generation feel pride to go in these clubs. Younger also show their talent in these clubs. They also held mid night musical events for younger.

2. Musical trend in India:

India is a developing country. But it is also interested in musical tourism. It has become large country of musical tourism in 2018. Because of this musical clubs also made here. This country is developing interest in musical industry. So many European singers had shown their talent in this country. Younger loves the music a lot. So in 2018 musical trend has become a most popular travel trend in India. So they build 3 musical stadiums in their country.

There are a lot of music apps like, savant, gain, Jio music app for smartphone having huge downloads(millions) from play store. So we can imagine how people like music.

People came from far in this country to attend musical events. The younger like to listen English songs. Many American singers have visited this country. Their names are Justin Bibber, Zain Malik and Ed Sheeran. They enjoyed a lot to the youngers.

Disadvantages of tourism trends:

As this kind of tourism is becoming popular in youngers. But it has some bad effects on their mind. They fell in many evils and sometimes left their parents. They use illegal ways to go to that country where the event is held. So music loving children could not go outer country and became mentally ill. Even younger also fell in evil habits. They fell in sexual bad acts. So even they became ill of fatal deceases. Usually they start smoking and as well as sniffing.

Musical tourism is a vast topic of this century. So it could not be described in a single article. we will discuss about this topic in our next article. So keep connect with us.

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