Pakistan’s Bridal Fashion Week

The Pakistan Fashion Design Council’s L’Oreal Paris Bridal Week 2022 (PLBW) was brought to an end on Saturday night, concluding the event’s glamorous three-night run in the city of Lahore and an evening of runway shows by the nation’s most renowned designers. Fahad Hussayn Nickie Nina Republic by Omar Farooq and Hasan Shehryar Yasin (HSY) presented their unique vision of what is excellent about Pakistani Designer clothes.

Pakistani designer of dresses has been a significant contributor to the fashion industry. Designers’ bridal dresses are exceptional for Pakistani weddings. The fashion language is that spoken by your body. Your appearance is essential. The elegance of your gown is the esteem of your character.

Pakistani leading fashion designers from 2022 suggest a wide selection of bridal gowns suitable for various wedding ceremonies and mehndi and Barat for walima, mehndi and nikah celebrations. Therefore, A stunning, elegant and stunning collection of bridal wedding dresses created by top Pakistani designers is now available to you. It is an exquisite collection that you will not find elsewhere.


The night’s opening act evening was Fahad Hussayn Imaginarium featuring “Labyagawachi – The Musical,” an enthralling performance of his wedding-wear of the season. Therefore, The show featured actual performers and dancers, including models themselves. The selection classified what the designer is drawn to from bop to art, fashion, and music. These elements made a glamorous collection in a range of corals, oranges and sharp black and white styles.

Fahad Hussayn’s work encompasses a vast and varied mix of inspirations from east and west. Therefore, This will naturally make him the leading contender for contemporary fashion. While keeping his path with him, Fahad ensures that he has something for everyone. His signature style is active every day and night, providing his fans with the best of everything from all stages of their life.

His journey into an intricate world full of details and intricate cuts started early.

While a typical child might be playing with their friends playing cricket, Fahad would sit in the room of his guru along with his mother to discuss the infinite possibilities that could result in a fantastic piece.Click here to view: Charizma PK Clothes.

Dressing celebrities for many red carpet events and dressed musicians for various music videos in the United States and internationally. Therefore, Fahad Hussayn has fast become one of the most sought-after designers in the United States.


Experts in the world of bridal, Nickie Nina brought ‘Gulabkaar” on the runway,” the collection remained in line with the bridal style the pair has been taking over the years. Nickie Nina’s style of bridal wear is to present collections. That are constantly evolving but without losing the essentials which make up a traditional Pakistani bridal outfit. Therefore, Gulabkaar was elegant, feminine, beautiful, and highly wearable.


Republic from Omar Farooq’s “Adamah is a testimony to the designer’s work in making menswear that was fun and engaging that challenged the norm and that Pakistani males will still prefer to wear. Pakistani grooms tend to be more conservative than the rest of the subcontinent. And the Republic fits into that confined and safe zone for groomsmen and guests. Who want to be something a little more avant-garde. Therefore, Adamah created the exquisite tailoring Republic is known for and added palatable touches. Like the light reflecting off the black beads, embroidered printed shawls (and Turbans!) and statement-making fabric.


The HSY’s Empire was a perfect match for the name, with the ramp incorporated with a mix of colours. And an elegant bridal squadron which was an elegant conclusion to PLBW 19. Empire was an authentic HSY designer who has refined specific bridal markets with his style, which is thrilling but also a bit older and encased in the rigours of work. His palette of colours included some of his most famous mixtures of red and black and slate greys. Which are ideal for winter, along with pinks and ice blues. Empire is great to fit into the HSY collection. Because of its familiar structure and the intricate details that are now the hallmark of HSY this brand.

2000 was the year of launching the fashion label Yasin’s, HSY. The company was founded as an official and bridal wear dressmaking business. It soon became one of Pakistan’s most recognizable fashion labels. Employing more than 350 employees and operating six stores worldwide (including Dubai), with the main office located in Lahore. In 2003, the Karachi-based Diva Magazine placed Yasin on the cover of their “Most Powerful People” issue and named him one of their top 10 “Faces of the Year”.


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