Reasons Why Stainless Steel Is Better Than Plastic for Material Handling

For a long time, plastic was thought to be the best solution due to its perceived durability and moldability. While plastic has its advantages, there is nothing that compares to Stainless Steel when it comes to material handling. Stainless steel is available in various forms. For example, SS Circles that are stored by various stainless steel circles stockist. Here are some of the advantages of stainless steel:

Advantages of Stainless Steel Over Plastic

  • SS can withstand a wider temperature range than most commercial plastics. Stainless Steel circles outperform even with recent advances in plastics. Stainless Steel has an operating range of -150 F to +1600 F, while plastics have an operating range of -60 F to 250 F, with some specialty plastics having a slightly higher range. Furthermore, steel is more resistant to rapid or cyclic temperature changes than most plastics.
  • To reap the benefits of both products, stainless steel can be coated with plastic. Furthermore, while plastics can be molded, metal can be molded, shaped, cut, bent, welded, and assembled in a range of ways that plastics cannot.
  • Stainless steel has higher tensile strength and is more durable. Furthermore, ventilation holes weaken a plastic washing container more than they do wire mesh or laser-cut sheet metal.
  • Water does not penetrate stainless steel. Water absorption varies by plastic, which may compromise the plastic or cause other problems depending on the industry and the presence of bacterial growth.
  • When total life cycle costs, including initial tooling, are considered, stainless steel is frequently a less expensive material option. Furthermore, its durability makes it an excellent long-term investment.
  • While plastics degrade much more quickly, they are still not environmentally sustainable. Furthermore, the majority of plastics are derived from petroleum, a non-renewable and frequently imported resource. SS, on the other hand, is both recyclable and reusable. If necessary, it can be melted down and repurposed.

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