Rectangular boxes are versatile and economical

Rectangular boxes are great for shipping small items or large offices. These boxes make great gifts and keep your items safe. These boxes are made from high-quality cardboard of 380gsm and colorful Italian papers. Rectangular boxes look great and are easy to open and close. Continue reading to learn more about this packaging type.

380 gsm cardboard

There are many advantages to using 380gsm cardboard for rectangular packaging boxes. These boxes are strong and durable cardboard, making them ideal for packaging all kinds of products. They are also easy to cut and fold. They are also excellent at reproducing print images. These are just a few of the many benefits of using 380gsm cardboard to make rectangular boxes.

Colorful Italian paper

It is an excellent choice for packaging bulky items and gifts in colorful Italian paper rectangular boxes. You can choose from five colors: gray, black, green, kraft and kraft. These prices are for a set with five. You can browse our selection to find the right color for you. Online tools allow you to customize the rectangular box you have chosen with online tools.

It is easy to open

A rectangular box can be used as a storage container if you need to store items in an easy-to open box. These boxes are made from high-quality cardboard of 380gsm and offer excellent print reproduction. These boxes are perfect for packaging all types of products. These instructions will show you how to open a rectangular cardboard box. This article will show you how to use a sliding panel to open a rectangular box.


Calculating the area and lengths of rectangles will determine the dimensions of an economically rectangular box. The box’s volume will increase by 6400 cubic feet if the width is doubled and its height is equal to half of its width. A rectangle with square edges will have the same space as one with round edges. These dimensions will make rectangular boxes the most cost-effective. To calculate the cost of rectangular boxes, simply calculate the ratio between the top and the bottom.


The versatile rectangular boxes are a great choice for storage. These versatile storage containers are great for many purposes including offices, schools, restaurants and homes. They come in many sizes, including lightweight and foldable. These boxes can also be used as toilets or restrooms. These boxes are used in all sectors of the construction industry from building homes to entire office buildings.

It is easy to load

It is important to choose the right type of box for your package’s dimensions when shipping it. The most common method is to stack boxes with the same 2-D dimension base. Rotating the boxes to act as a base makes it possible to load multiple boxes of the same type. Attach the bottom and cover pieces of the box. You can attach the cover and bottom elements of the box by using the button “Make it” located in the upper right corner.

It is easy to transport

These small, lightweight and easy to carry rectangular boxes are ideal for packaging small items. These boxes come in a variety of sizes and can be packed easily. These boxes are ideal for shipping as they can be used to overlap other items. They are also lightweight and can be used to transport and store items. These boxes make great party favors. Here are some tips for packing small items. Use sturdy cardboard.


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