Regular Cycling Can Cause a Loss of excitement in the Penis and Impotence

Impotence- Grasping Millions Worldwide

Impotence has been a source of concern for millions of men around the globe. The wonder medicine “Viagra” have seemed to lessen the burden for men. Although Viagra is the main medication used to treat impotence, other medications that have been being successfully introduced into the market provide excellent results too. These medications have been accepted through FDA FDA and are available in a variety of local and in online pharmacies.

Erectile dysfunction, often referred to as impotence, refers to the inability of males to obtain or keep an erection for long enough during sexual interactions. It is common for men to have this disorder, however, when it becomes a regular issue, it requires special care from a physician or a medical professional. A majority of men experience episode of impotence at some point throughout their lives. It could be physical or psychological.

Physical Factors

  • Unhealthy overall condition of the body
  • History of Diabetes
  • had any Prostrate surgeries
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Any kind of Spinal Cord injury
  • The hardening of the arteries

Blood vessels blocked by a blockage that can are unable to allow blood flow to the penis.

If a man suffers from impotence and has occasional erections, or is able to get an erection by masturbation, it is likely that the reason is the psychological aspect.

Psychological Factors

  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Stress and Anger
  • The fear of intimacy or failing
  • The lack of motivation

Impotence could also be caused due to the effects of medications and other Cenforce 50 drugs like tranquilizers, blood pressure medications, antidepressants that are specific to certain types such as marijuana, alcohol, and nicotine.

The above causes can lead to erectile dysfunction and impotence as they affect the flow of blood or the transmission of nerve impulses to and away from the penis. This condition is more common as men age (sixty or more). But, some men enjoy a healthy sex life into their late eighties.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Erectile incontinence (ED) is treatable and treated in a variety of ways starting with determining the root cause of ED with the assistance of the doctor. In certain cases, treatment is as easy as stopping, altering, or altering the dosage of any other medications that are in use and may cause side effects that are related to the condition of erectile dysfunction.

A thorough physical examination and hormone testing are essential. This can help determine the root of the problem is physical, like blockage within the vessels that supply the penis, or a hormonal problem. Also, the cause of the problem will determine the type of treatment to be applie. Then, appropriate medications are recommend to the patient in order to heal from ED.

Regular Cycling Can Cause a Loss of excitement in the Penis

Cycling is among the best methods to get regular exercise. This is beneficial for men’s health. However, cyclists are vulnerable to the health of the penis. Researchers are finding evidence suggesting that cycling (and spinning in this case) may be the cause of erectile dysfunction. So, are the miles that men run every day putting a strain on their sexual health? Let’s find out.

What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

First, let’s define erectile dysfunction (ED). ED is actually quite widespread; according to estimates, 18 million men are suffering from erectile dysfunction in some manner or other. The condition is both an emotional and physical condition and refers to an individual’s inability to get or keep an erection at least 20 percent of the time. A variety of factors can contribute to ED including insufficient sleep stress, heart disease, stress as well as diabetes, and overweight. It’s time to include cycling in the list of things to do.

How Does Cycling Contribute to ED?

The most dedicated cyclists (those who cycle more than a couple of times every week) are able to spend hours every day seated on a sturdy seat. The seat and the weight of a man’s body place pressure on the nerve pudenda, which runs around the lower part of the body of a man and encompasses the lower bowel, lower Genitals, the Anus, and even the perineum. This can result in the pudenda nerve being trapped, which could cause chronic pain in “the saddle” whether on a bicycle or not. Silagra 100 is the best medicine for ED treatment.

The entrapment of the nerve pudenda can lead to the loss of penis sensation, as well as other areas in the reproductive organs. The constant pressure cycle on the entire body may cause the nerve to be compressed and damage that can cause an absence of penis sensation. A loss of penis sensation makes it difficult for erections to achieve and maintain and, consequently, ED is a factor.

Fight Erectile Dysfunction… With a New Bike Seat, Really?

The purchase of a new bicycle seat is an ideal method to safeguard his groin against injury to the nerve. What type of seat to purchase? The split seat of a bicycle is comprise of two side-by-side cushions place on a saddle without a nose. It is basically the perfect bicycle seat that has a hole in the middle. A few people refer to the hole as an “anatomic relief hole,” which is humorous, but it’s also completely precise. The cut-out eases the pressure that causes nerve injury. But, one must ensure that the seat is in line with his own unique lower part and is also properly fitted on the bicycle. This may require a considerable number of trials and errors to locate the right seat. Should you be unsure about the best way to put it on the seat, get it done professionally by a skilled cyclist.

Caring for the Penis

If someone suspects there is ED and is concerned,

he should make an appointment with a doctor for a medical evaluation. If ED is present, there are a variety of ways to recover the sensation lost in the penis. This doctor can explain on the diagnosis. Many men are able to reverse ED by making a few minor lifestyle adjustments.

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