Should I put my child in boarding school?

Many parents agonize about whether residential school in dehradun will be better for their son or daughter. They wonder how well their child will fit in, what the academic experience will be like and how the boarding school will treat their particular student. And it’s not just the students that may be concerned about a boarding school education. Parents wonder if they’re doing the right thing by placing their children into a technological environment rather than sending them through the local public school system. If you’re upset by choosing between schools, let us help you with your decision so that you won’t regret it later.

What are the benefits of boarding school over day school?

  • Academics

Boarding schools offer a more rigorous academic experience than day schools. Students receive individual attention in the classroom and benefit from smaller class sizes, allowing more time for students to ask questions and get feedback from their teachers. In addition, boarding schools typically have better facilities for students to study than day schools do. And because students spend more time at school, they can put in more work hours than their peers who attend traditional day school.

  • Diversity

Diversity is another benefit of boarding school over day school. While someday schools have a diverse student body, most do not. Most boarding schools have a diverse student population, allowing students to meet people from different backgrounds and cultures while also having friends who share similar interests and experiences.

  • Safety

Safety is also another benefit of boarding school over day school. Day schools can be dangerous places because fewer staff members can look after students during the day when they leave campus or go home after class ends at 3 p.m., whereas boarding schools provide 24-hour supervision by an on-site staff member.

  • A sense of community

Students at residential school in Dehradun often develop strong friendships with their classmates during their time at boarding school. The sense of community helps them feel secure while away from home and allows them to make lasting friendships that will last throughout their lives.

  • Individualized attention

You’ll also get more individualized attention from your teachers. In day school, you might get away with being less than engaged because you’re surrounded by other students who are just as bored as you are. But there aren’t any distractions at boarding school—you’re going to be paying attention or getting called out by your teacher!

  • No distraction

You get to focus on learning without distraction! No more wondering what’s going on at home while you’re trying to study; no more worrying about whether or not your parents are going to be able to pay for everything this month; and no more wondering if there’s enough food in the fridge for dinner tonight—it’s just you and your education!

Why choose The Asian School over other schools?

The Asian School is the best boarding school in dehradun. We offer the best boarding education to our students. This school believes that every child has a right to education; we take pride in providing quality education at affordable fees. The Asian School provides facilities like well-equipped labs, libraries, playgrounds, swimming pool etc.  They are well trained to provide an excellent environment for learning. So that your child can make progress at their own pace and a manageable level of difficulty. So that they get better results while enjoying the learning process at the same time. We are also the best boarding schools in Dehradun for girls. We aim to make our students future-ready to compete with any other student across India or abroad.

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