Space Saving Small Pooja Room Design Ideas 2022

People often struggle with how to create a pooja space in small apartments. Space crunch is a problem which is common in many houses today. However, a small apartment does not mean you cannot have a space dedicated to a pooja room.  Even if the house is not big enough to have a separate pooja room, it is possible to make a little pooja corner in your home and place a beautiful temple. It is important to select a suitable place for doing pooja as choosing about the other areas of the house.  Let us look at some space saving small pooja room designs in apartments that will be beneficial for people having space issues.



Which is the good direction to set up a pooja corner?


People should know the best direction to set up the pooja room to get the maximum benefits and have a peaceful corner in the house. It is important to set up the pooja room according to the auspicious direction. According to Vaastu Shastra, the northeast direction is the best direction for small pooja room designs for home. North and East directions are also good for setting up the pooja room.


The living room is the best place to set up a home temple or pooja space and it is very common to see a small temple in the living room of many homes. This is because we should make sure a temple in the house or a pooja area should be accessible to all. Never keep the temple in the bedroom.  This is not advisable according to Vaastu as well.


Here are a few space saving small pooja room designs in apartments


1.Small mandir with bells design – Go in for a small temple that has bells outside and it makes a very simple and elegant small pooja room design for home.

2.Wall-mounted temple design – A good space saving small pooja room design in an apartment is a wall-mounted temple design.  You can put a big temple unit which has drawers to keep pooja items.

3.A niche pooja corner – Create a corner for placing the temple and add a drawer chest for storage of pooja items. It makes for a cosy and space saving small pooja room design in apartments.

  1. Put a partition in the living room – Putting a partition in the living room will provide you separate space for praying or doing any pooja in privacy. You can have your very own private small pooja space.
  2. Flexible temple design – Temples that are flexible are good when there is less space and you have to create more areas for festivals etc. The temple can be moved anywhere according to needs and convenience.
  3. Wooden temple unit having storage – A good small pooja room design for home is placing the pooja unit in a corner of the living room with partitions on either side. Try to have the colour scheme matching with the living room.
  4. Pooja space against a wooden panel – Use a ceiling to floor wooden panel to create space for the temple against a beam.
  5. Multi-shelves unit as a temple – A unit with multiple shelves can be used as a wonderful space saving small pooja room design in apartments. You will have a lot of space for storage as well.
  6. Glass door pooja units – Place glass doors that can be used to cover the pooja corner when no one is using them.
  7. Mandir against a beautiful wallpaper – Add a wallpaper with a nice traditional or modern print that can be used as a background for setting the temple. This will give you a stunning small pooja room design for home with less cost and effort.
  8. White coloured mandir design – White is serene and pure and hence, it is an ideal colour for a pooja space in your house. You can use plain white or in combination with other colours to create an amazing look.
  9. Cover the pooja space with curtains – Elegant drapes can be wonderful to create a private praying space when it is not possible to have doors or partitions in the house.

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Don’t worry about space when you want to create a wonderful pooja corner in your home. It is very much possible to create a special dedicated corner even inside your small apartment if you choose from the beautiful small pooja room designs in apartments given above.

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