Stainless Steel 317L Pipe Fittings Supplier

High strength and superior corrosion resistance are characteristics of stainless steel 317 grade. Nickel and chromium are found in stainless steel 317 alloy. Additionally, this alloy contains molybdenum, which enhances resistance to chloride ion solutions and general corrosion.

When annealed, stainless steel 317L pipe fittings are non-magnetic. Heat treatment cannot be used to harden fittings made of stainless steel grade 317L. Cold working is used to harden this alloy. It’s simple to weld this alloy. Due to the low carbon concentration of this alloy, intergranular corrosion is a risk. High acid resistance is displayed by SS 317 pipe fittings. Additionally, it exhibits resilience to environmental elements including sulfuric and chloride media. Due to their resistance to heat and corrosion, our fittings are well-known pipe fittings. Thermal conductivity, electrical resistivity, and coefficient of expansion are all displayed on our company’s fittings.

Features of Stainless Steel 317L Pipe Fittings:

Key characteristics of SS 317L pipe fittings include increased creep, stress to rupture, and tensile strength at high temperatures. Surfaces may be kept spotless using SS 317. Lower carbon concentration in pipe fittings prevents sensitization during welding and other heat operations. High temperatures may be endured by stainless steel 317L pipe fittings without any risk of corrosion.

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