Terms & Conditions

It is basically a document that gathered around contractual relationship between the provider of service and its user.It has different names,as of Terms of service (TOS), Terms of use(TOS),End_user license agreement (EULA), General Conditions or Legal notes. Web site Terms and conditions should cover

*owner ship and copyright of the user’ s content.
*acceptable and unacceptable use of the web and material.
*registration, password,and security procedures
*accessibility of contact options.

Some legal documents like email listings, Facebook pixel,ads targetting, e-commerce transaction, Google analytics, cookies and contact form must be required for any website developer.

Basically every website developer should clear it in mind that the terms and conditions are the contractual key facts between the buyer and seller.


Terms and conditions are the pavements for the running of blogs or journals.Actually these specific legal agreements are necessarily required by the creator of website,under special circumstances..

They use some kind of comment forms for interaction with others,most specifically they demand email address.
The collection of personal information either if email is strictly applicable under rules of law.

2:USE A LICENSE OUR WEBSITE therealpost.com:

For the owner ship of any website, the license must be kept .Under this license the user can access to personal, non _ commercial  use.

Licensing out may b used to have coverage to new markets that are otherwise inaccessible. With the authority of license, the licenser can penetrate markets it could not other wise hope to serve.

Having the license ,therealpost.com implies strict rules and regulations for the followers and users,like


Copyright is the lawful right of an author, artist, composer or other creator to have a control over ones material. It may not be a duplicated work or disaminated without author’s permission. But ,on the other hand ,for the sake of society it’s protection is limited. It doesn’t protect any ideas ,nor facts, just presentation of ways of expressions. therealpost.com is against the things like and assign some rules as.

The user is not allowed to disassemble or reverse any software fond on the website, either for commercial use or of having personal information.

Copy right material is strictly banned.

The user is not allowed to disassemble or reverse any software fond on the website, either for commercial use or of having personal information.

Copy right material is strictly banned.


Incase of any violation,

1,the customer will be dismissed or terminated ,at once.

2,the user has to delete the downloaded material either in electronic or written.


It provides the boundaries of liability for the use of website and about information it gathered.Basically it protects the web from legal liabilities by saying that the management is not held responsible for how people use the site,or from any damages they suffer from that particular content.

Our website doesn’t have any responsibility about the warranties of material or Marchantability conditions,
fitness for a particular purpose, or non contravention intellectual property or other violation of rights.
Further more the team is not answerable about the accuracy of the material, sensibleness,or reliability of the use of material on the screen or in relevant with such materials or about any site links.


The present website and its management is not liable for any loss ( including loss of data or revenue,or buisness interference) which results from the use of incapacity to use the material using this web on the internet,no matter how much authorized the user may be.Our portal will inform the user verbally or in special writing of possibility of such found correspondings.


Errors and omissions also called E &O protect buisness against claim of mistakes, shortcomings, inappropriate work, inaccuracies, misrepresentation or similar alligations .Every website should have E&O for their own safety.
At therealpost.com some kind of technical, typeface or print style and photographic faults maybe appear while in the delivery of material posting.Management is not responsible about the accuracy , current  and completion…… besides is authorized to make changes at any place,at any time, with out notice.Last….there should be no dedication about updating the material..


They act like the currency of the internet with the provision of a lot like real life reputation.So for the present website, Linked websites and the attached content are not analysed by the team.The incorporation of any link doesn’t imply the formalization of the site .Any attachment of some link will be user’s own liability.


The management is not answerable about any changes of the terms of use,any time.The user should bound for that apparent changes of version, without any claim.


Any profess regarding to our website shall be governed by the state/provincial laws related to its conflicting provision.

For the implementation of the web following rules and regulations would be applicable::

Read carefully and act upon the recommendation and rules.

Before publishing the post should be carefully checked for copy wright, error or grammatical mistakes….no addition or deletion would be made afterwards.

Any site with more than 10 spam score is not allowed.

English language is compulsory for the posts.

SEO score must be 70+.

To avoid URL changing letter, it must be short lengthen.


The post must be ad focus keyword.