The Complete Guide to Custom Retail Boxes – Benefits and Costs

The retail packaging industry is highly competitive, and the products you offer need to stand out. But with thousands of custom boxes in the marketplace, how do you make your product unique? For a deep dive into custom retail boxes. It includes the benefits and costs behind them. Check out this article.

 1. What is a custom retail box?

A custom retail box is a box that is designed to fit your product. The box is usually made out of cardboard, and the outside of the box is decorated. The inside of the box is also designed to fit your product. The purpose of the custom retail box is to protect your product during shipment and store display.

It can include additional cardboard cutouts for promotional materials, branded merchandise, or other merchandise to control the way your product is displayed. As a leader in the eCommerce industry, Carty Stone is a leading custom retail boxes vendors with a warehouse, showroom, and fulfilment centre in Northern Virginia and 300 locations worldwide.

There are a lot of new companies in the box business. They make boxes that look like the real thing, and they will be worth $4.5 billion by 2020. The retail industry is growing, which means we need more boxes and products for them to sell. Here are five tips that you can do to stand out.

1. Download real product images and product photos

Images are a big part of your product in eCommerce. More than 75% of people read online content before they buy anything online. A good image of your product tells customers what they should buy from you. This depends on the products that you sell, though.

If you have a simpler product, like a small t-shirt, then the best way to show it is if there are large photographs of the item (16 x 16 inches) and contrasting photos to show its features. You should include stock images that show how well made it is. That will give people the impression that your product is of good quality.

2. Put manufacturer’s photos within the product details

  • Share the story of your brand with the customer
  • Custom boxes help your brand stand out from the crowd
  • Custom boxes add a layer of security to your product
  • Custom boxes add a layer of protection to your product
  • Share the stories of your individual products on social networks

3. The costs of custom retail boxes

Custom retail packaging is a way to make your products in a store stand out. You can make it pop, and then people will buy it. It is a small investment of time and money. This helps you to have a competitive edge in the market because people will see your product when they walk into the store.

A way to make sure that your products are at their best is needed. It needs to be optimized. A system is needed for all aspects of the product configurations. You need to make sure that your product is performing its best, so you need a good system for this. This article talks about sodium chloride (which many people know as salt) in retail packaging. There are other types of salt, and they are sold in different places too, but the type that you usually find at grocery stores tends to be more healthy than others, so it’s important that if you’re selling your products there, then you plan how they will be packaged ahead of time.

Packaging has many options for containers. You can use boxes (single-use or reusable), tubs, tubes, and straws. The size of the product also matters. For example, a 7-ounce jar of granola is different than a 40-ounce tub of soup because they look different and the ingredients inside are the same. But containers don’t really matter as much as long as you pick one that matches what you want to make with your product.

The only thing you need to know about your container is the type of clamshell you want. It’s not for holding liquid, but instead, it will help to pour the sauce. The shape is perfect for this because it fits onto a spoon or handles.

 4. How to choose the right size for your product

When you want to design the packaging for your product, think about the size. If it is too small or too big, then people will not want to buy it. They might not be able to carry it around with them when you are choosing what type of product for retail shipping. Think about how big it is and if they can put the box in their car.

Small packages that are too big will cost more. Make sure the box is the right size for your product, so you don’t waste money. Large boxes are good for larger, pricier products, but if there is a cheaper option, it should be in a smaller box.

When you are shipping products, it is important that product A be cheaper than product B. You do not want to find that the person buying product A does not buy B because of the higher price. Make sure to ask for the same sized boxes or at least take into account how much space they would take up if they are different sizes.

The boxes with clothes in them are 6 ounces. If the clothes are for a high-end fashion brand, then they will have a 12-ounce box. You need to ask what is going in the box before you order it because it might not fit if you order more than one thing like this at once, like a kids toy or something loose-fitting.

 5. Tips for choosing the right material for your retail packaging

The packaging is what people see when they buy the product. It shows the quality of your product, so it is important to have high-quality packaging. You need a good brand and a good product too, but most importantly, you need to show that in your packaging.

Push notifications are a way to tell people when there is new inventory in your store. They are good for people with jobs that don’t allow them time off. Custom retail boxes make it easier for customers to buy things because they remember what they want to buy.

Social subscriptions

You can use social media to help people know about your product. On social media, you can share your product with people, and they will see it before they buy it at a store. Social media is good for growing your brand and boosting sales.

You can use these channels as an extension of your offline sales and as an additional channel for your marketing strategy. But if you have a niche, specific products, and other available sales channels, you might only see increasing returns through social-only promotions.


Creating content for sharing on social media, SEO, and other ways is a good way to get more people to know about your product. For example, if you make clothes or shoes, then writing product-related stories in your magazine can be a good strategy too. Get the best packaging printing services at a wholesale rate.

You can write articles and blog posts. That way, you will publish content and get links from other blogs. Sometimes people think that paid ads are the only way to rank on search engines, but if you do a lot of work on your site, people might come.


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