The Difference Between Roman Blinds And Drapes

Looking at all modern houses today, there are many roman blinds that are widely used to make our windows more presentable and not risking the privacy that we all deserve. Over time, many decorators and designers fabricated different window treatments.

In fact, this leads to confusion regarding the functions and uses of those roman blinds we have today that even interior designers get puzzled as well. Window treatments come in different styles and designs. Some are hung with a rod and the fabrics just flow vertically not reaching the floor.

Others also are hug with a rod but the fabrics usually reach the floor. There are also window coverings that the operating mechanism is through lifting. You may have heard the term “curtain”. But today, because curtain is a familiar window covering, let us distinguish the difference of the two earlier yet still-in-trend window treatments: drapes and Roman blinds.



Drapes can be traced back since the era of Mesopotamians and Ancient Egyptians. With this being said, drapes are very old but people still utilize it even in modern houses. Dating back in our ancient times, people use a very lengthy fabric that wraps the whole body of a person. And that is where and how drapes were originated.

Drapes (usually called as “draperies”), can also be classified similarly with curtains. Yet the difference is drapes hung up to the floor and drapes are lined. Most of the time, its transition is very heavy, so it can block all external light from the outside. Hence, it is suitable to use in the bedroom. The drapes are long enough to reach the bottom from the top of the window.

The most popular draperies in the bedroom is a blackout style, which can keep the room dark enough to ensure adequate sleep which we all want to have.
If we are talking about fabrics for your drapes, thick and slightly stiff fabrics, including high-end materials such as velvet, silk or damask, are the standard fabrics for draping curtains.

Drapes come in many styles and colors. In most cases, the pattern is strong and does not darken. Many of these folds, together with the folds on the top of the drape panels and the thick fabric of the drape, provide a formal look.

Drapes or Draperies also have disadvantages that you may consider. Unlike roman blinds, drapes consume a lot of space to your room thus; making your space looks a little smaller than what it actually looks. Drapes are also not suitable and suggested if you have kids at home because of its length that it usually gets messy easily. It also cost a lot than roman blinds.

Roman Blinds

roman blinds


Blinds are also used and discovered long time ago. Yet, it is still alive and existing in most modern houses today. There are many kinds of blinds but the most aesthetic and unique kind of blind, for me, is the roman blinds because the moment they are opened, they produce a very smooth, neat and clean pattern of pleats, not bumpy like the typical vertical blinds.

Dissimilar to drapes or curtains, lifting mechanisms such as cords, are used for roman blinds so it can be raised and lowered. Also, the difference is that drapes are made of fabrics of a certain length while the roman blinds are designed with fabric that produces pleats when raised. It can be opened to allow light to enter or close to protect privacy.

The best fabric for roman blinds are faux silk, polyester or chenille, depending on the thickness of fabric you want to achieve for your roman blinds.

Roman blinds provide great insulation for living rooms and bedrooms. It is great to use if you give importance to privacy. However, it has also some disadvantages. The most common problem of having roman blinds is the fact that the only way to move it is through raising or lowering it down. And when it comes to room with humid atmosphere, this may not be the perfect choice to go with.

If you reach at this point, I can infer that you are now ready on which to choose as a window treatment: a drape or a blind?

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