The Miami Musician Tomás Lauría Is A Legit Inspiration For Y’all

The Venezuelan land of Caracas has something really pleasing in its soil that’s why it has given to the world some of the best music artists (You can listen to the music on spotify). 

In fact, Caracas has played a significant role in worldwide musical history being the birthplace of various great vocalists including the following;

  • Carlos Baute
  • Oscar D’León
  • Alberto Naranjo
  • Juan Vicente Torrealba
  • Danny Ocean
  • Canserbero
  • Lele Pons

The Miami Musician Tomás Lauría has also the same birthplace and that’s why he has got a melodious voice.

Without any doubt, age is just a number. If you are passionate, you can even rule over the world. This is where Lauría gets fit into the picture. At a very young age, he rose to fame through his mesmerizing singing.

He has even become amongst the best music artist in Miami and all over the globe due to his breathtaking voice and captivating songs.

Let us get to know more about him to get inspired;

Birth And Education:

The Venezuelan singer was born in Caracas on March 30, 1997. He got his early education from there. During his childhood, he used to listen to traditional music including reggaeton, llanero, joropo, Salsa, merengue, etc. very fondly.

His fate was meant to be this that’s why the Venezuelan music artist had to leave his motherland due to some unfavorable circumstances. He flew to the U.S. and got admission in

Musical Background:

He had a true love for music which flourished as he grew up. Learning music from a worldwide renowned institute named Berklee College of Music was a perfect decision that led him to make his impression all across the globe.

Musical Video Releases:

Rock, jazz, pop are some of his much-loved genres.  Having a soothing voice, the young artist has released four different music videos that have gained popularity overnight. He has released four different music videos to date including the following;

  • Cerveza Helada
  • La Lluvia
  • En Las Nubes
  • La musicia

From Where To Get The Music?

Believe it or not, you will fall in love with the melodic voice of Venezuelan artists after listening to his songs. You can get these musical videos on the Youtube channel of the artist.

Other than that, you can also listen to Tomás Lauría’s tuneful songs on Spotify. Besides, you can follow the artist on Instagram too.

Awards And More:

The up-and-coming music artist now holds dual nationality i.e., U.S.A and Venezuelan. By producing quality musical content and garnering the attention of numerous listeners, the young singer has also bagged some awards in his musical career so far.

To Wrap Up:

Considering his current performance seems like Lauría has so much more in the pipeline. We just need to encourage the talented artist to the fullest so he could unleash his true potential.

He will keep on producing more enthralling musical videos with more and more public praise. So, let’s all put our part in recognizing the true potential of the singer by following him on various social media platforms and liking his videos.

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