Things to remember before you rent a commercial property in Gurgaon

Are you looking for a property to rent for your office in Gurgaon? Are you pondering over the dos and don’ts before making your call? Renting a property in Gurgaon is no joke. There is a big list of pros and cons that you may need to consider once you start looking for a space. Here are some ideas that you can look through before making your decision. Check out the latest updates on commercial office space Gurgaon.

First of all, you need to understand that renting a commercial property is different from getting a residential space. You may already know a residential space has a shorter lease than a commercial one. The state laws and national laws of leasing should also be taken into consideration. Always be ready with all your queries with the dealer or the owner leaving no scope for last-minute changes.

What else should you check?

Apart from all the legalities, there are some aspects that you should check before shifting your work to an official space.


You should ensure that your staff and your clients would be able to reach the office with ease. Nowadays, locations close to metro stations are considered apt ones to shift your workspace. However, the rate of the property can be higher in comparison to the ones that are not.

Hidden charges/rent

Before you lease the property, check out prices thoroughly. Take a precise quote for the space the dealer shows you. Take a comprehensive look at your lease agreement that all the charges are being mentioned. Thus, you are not going to pay anything extra from what has been stated in the contract.

Background of your agent

You can check out their reviews online (if available) of previous clients. You can also talk to previous clients to understand your agent’s track record. A background check of the property agent can help in building a long-run professional relationship.

Renting an office is a long-term commitment. So, ensure that your rent agreement is free from glitches. Keep these few points in mind to move ahead in the process of rent and lease to have a hassle-free experience. Do you want to check out office space rent availability near your area? Find out the best available options near your vicinity.

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