Tips, Benefits, Strategies, and Tools To Use In Ecommerce Marketing and Sales Automation

Automated Order Processing

Behind the scenes, there’s a lot of work to be done. Order administration necessitates a lot of data entry, which an order management system can easily automate. We advise retailers to automate the following to remove roadblocks:

  • Stock levels in various sales channels
  • Your eCommerce platform and your fulfillment system will work together to process orders.
  • Accounting revisions

By automating order and fulfillment procedures, firms may handle orders more quickly by reducing manual labor. Customers’ trust in your firm and its processes will be boosted if you transmit order information to them clearly and immediately.

Automating repetitive processes improves order processing and helps businesses run more efficiently. To prepare for repeat orders, we strongly advise eCommerce shops to set up automatic email procedures. Make sure to automate emails with the following content:

  • Receipt of your order and confirmation of your purchase
  • Updates on shipping and delivery
  • Information and documentation on the return

Automated Fulfillment

By keeping inventory levels accurate and ensuring accurate shipping dates and times, automation in the fulfillment process helps to prevent overselling. Back in stock email automation was described previously, and fulfillment automation is related to that.

Keep track of inventory for each SKU product during the order process to notify customers when an item is low on stock or sold out. Tracking inventories accurately in the backend and providing consistent and correct product information on the frontend improves the shopping experience for your visitors and provides a sense of urgency for them to buy. Set up internal notifications to notify your employees when inventory levels drop below a specified level. This generates an automatic purchase order for you to send to the supplier.

Allow clients to track their packages in real time by allowing them to track the shipping process. When it comes to confirming orders, producing shipping labels, and printing labels, automation helps ensure that items are dispatched and delivered on time, and there are some wonderful solutions available to assist decrease human error.

Merchants can boost productivity and customer happiness by using a streamlined shipping process. By automatically identifying orders for fraud when client information doesn’t match order information, automation can assist retailers avoid becoming victims of eCommerce scams.

Recommendations for eCommerce Automation Tools
Investing in eCommerce marketing tools, we feel, will assist streamline your marketing efforts and deliver outstanding results, based on our experience. We like Klaviyo and HubSpot for their automation tools at Groove Commerce.


Klaviyo impresses us with its speed and ease of usage. Create stunning emails with its drag-and-drop builder, and design the customer journey from start to finish to give each contact in your database a completely personalized experience.

Send automatic, triggered emails to the group of clients you wish to reach with Klaviyo flow branching. A/B testing can also be used to evaluate certain variables within each email, such as the subject line or the CTA button.

This guarantees that the rest of your contact list receives the most effective automated email. Klaviyo’s Smart Sending feature is also a terrific asset to use so that your firm doesn’t send too many emails to subscribers at once.

Take advantage of Klaviyo’s up-to-date data to customise each contact’s experience with your business even more. Customer profiles are used by the software to assist marketing teams in targeting their audience based on behavioral and transactional data. One of our favorite features is that Klaviyo automatically refreshes each segmented list, eliminating the need for marketing teams to manually update each list.

Furthermore, Klaviyo is an excellent tool to use if your company wishes to incorporate SMS into its marketing approach. This allows retailers to send text messages with particular deals, notifications, and more to subscribers (who have opted in and provided approval). Subscribers will immediately receive a welcome text when retailers combine Klaviyo’s SMS capability with flows.

Combining email marketing, SMS, and automation is a wonderful way to save time for your marketing team while still bringing your brand in front of your customers at the right point in their journey.

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