Tips to Manage College Sports and Academics at the Same Time

Higher education ensure you a better future. This is why a lot of students want to attend prestigious colleges, they make a lot of effort to write application essays by themselves or with the help of the best college essay writing service online to make their dream come true.

A lot of these students also participate in sports but the problem here is how they should manage college sports and academics at the same time. After all, both are important. If you have the same concern as well then keep on reading this post for some helpful tips!

Tips to Manage College Sports and Academics Simultaneously

Time Management:

Time management is a very important step toward managing college sports and academics at the same time. Time management helps you accomplish goals within the set time frame (help with dissertation, 2021) this way you can easily manage your sports and academics and neither of them will lack.

If you get a lengthy study task and have to attend your football practices too. The first thing you need to do is make a schedule for studying and practicing football. Break down the lengthy task into smaller ones and section them out throughout the day. The spaces that you get in between can be utilized for tasking breaks and attending the practice sessions.

If you feel like this is too exhausting for you then you can have a long football practice session first then you can plan a study schedule based on the time available before the game and time left after the game.

Unless you are practicing some sport by yourself things such as scheduled practices, games, competitions, are already known and scheduled for you. Because of this, you will not struggle a lot when making the timetable.

Make sure to use a planner, it is preferable to use a digital planner simply because you can have access to ti it through all your devices and there is no need to carry a planner around, you can use that extra space in your bag for keeping some revision material instead.

In addition to this, you will also get automatic reminders from your digital planners, unlike traditional planners where you actually have to open the planner to figure out what the deadline of any task is. This way the chances of you missing out on any deadlines may it be for your essays or sports practice will decrease. Another helpful way to manage time is to always keep a device that can tell you want the time is, it can be a watch or a study clock.

Take Help:

No matter how much you manage your time, there will always be instances that require more time than you originally wanted t to take. This usually happens when you encounter any difficulties in your task. You think over ways to solve that difficulty which is often a time-taking process. Even after you have given it a lot of thought there is no guarantee that you will find a solution.

This is why you need to take help may that be in studies or sports practice. When it comes to studies if you are struggling with any essay then you can consult with your professor, buy essay writing services, or your peers. By following their advice or suggested solutions you will be capable of not only solving the problem but also get to learn from it

If you are struggling with your sports activities it is best to stay in contact with your coach and take up extra practice sessions if needed. Moreover, if your coach gives you any constructive criticism about your performance, you have to consider it and work on improving those elements instead of getting defensive.

Staying Motivated:

Since you have to tackle sports as well as studies, every day is going to be a challenge for you. College assignments are alone enough to give a student depression but you have to deal with your work while doing spots as well, so the pressure is meant to crush you often. You will hit new lows more frequently because managing such important things together is stressful.

As an outcome, there will be times that you will have little to no motivation in performing well as a student and in sports. When encountering such a situation you need to be well-equipped to deal with it.

A way to stay motivated in the maintenance of your study and sports performance is to surround yourself with ambitious people. A college is likely to have over 1000 students, find the right group of people that you can share your ambitions with. These people also have to be the ones managing their academic and sports performance simultaneously. These people will inspire you, and motivate you to effectively do the same.

Form A Healthy Routine:

As it has been established before that stress is inevitable when you are juggling your studies and sports at college but what happens is that because of this a lot of students neglect their physical health. The downside of this situation is that this only further deteriorates a student’s mental condition. So to take care of your mental self you have to take care of your physical health. This is why you need to form a healthy routine by incorporating the elements stated below:

A Healthy Diet:

Consume the correct amount of carbohydrates, protein, fats, etc. Make a diet plan and follow it also make sure to eat these healthy meals in appropriate portions.


Work out regularly and exercise for your specific body type to yield better results. Exercising is known to enhance mental health in the youth (Pascoe et al. 2020).

Give time To Yourself:

Remember to give yourself some time so you can get refreshed, have a favorite drink, clear your head by looking at nature, etc.


Now that you know these valuable tips, make sure to follow them religiously for better results.

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