Top 4 Ways You Can Super Simplify Check-In/Check-Out at Your Hotel

A hotel check in process when the guests first walk into your hotel and the hotel checkout process when guests are on their way out; are two very important processes for the hotel and guests. It helps the hotel identify which rooms are free or occupied, and also stock up on their hotel supplies such as bedsheets and DZEE towels from the best hotel suppliers. If you want the best hotel supplies for your property, check this From our experience in the industry, we will be sharing top 4 ways you can super simplify check-in/check-out at your hotel. They will help you better organize the processes for your hotel.

Mobile Apps Check-in & Hotel Checkout Process

On mobile phones, there are different apps that make managing things much easier for everyone and the same can be done; for the hotel processes. This way, you cut down on the rush and work for your front desk. Guests can get done with the hotel checkout process or hotel checkin process; directly from their phone without having to go through any paper work. Plus, all the information is directly saved online.

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Hotel Check-in/ Check-Out Kiosks

Hotel kiosks are one of the top 4 ways you can super simplify check-in/check-out at your hotel. They have taken over the majority of hotels and many guests prefer them over having to go through desk paper work. Plus, when guests are going through the processes it gives the hotel staff more time to focus n value-adding services. This could include looking after the kids if there are families and the parents seem overworked; or you can use this opportunity to upsell also. This gives you the chance to be smart about how you handle your guests.

Pre-Saved Guest Information

For repeat guests, you already have all the information you require. When going through the hotel check-in process and hotel checkout process; it makes it easier to retrieve the pre-saved information. You save time in the process and the guests have their room keys in no time at all. Plus, you also know the rooms your guests prefer and the services they always opt for; when their enter or exit your hotel, adding value in their stay is much easier for you.

Faster Billing, Faster Checkout

A faster billing system, allows you to get done with the process much faster. There are various billing software programs that help calculating, printing, splitting room rent between sharers; and collecting data in one spot through different billing counters much simplified. The software reduces errors and time, the guests are done with the process; without any confusion and are on their way, within a short while.

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The top 4 ways you can super simplify check-in/check-out at your hotel; that we have shared are tried and tested. We have only shared the hotel checkout process and hotel checkin process that have helped us as hoteliers. We can tell you for sure, that these are going to help you with your hotel processes also. Efficient technology in the hospitality industry is not something to be shied away from.


These top 4 ways you can super simplify check-in/check-out at your hotel are what you need for your hotel processes. What do you think is the best way to deal with the hotel checkout process and hotel checkin process; and simplify everything? Let us know in the comments below.


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