Top 5 features of Liquid EHR software in 2021

In 2021 healthcare practitioners aim to cover up the losses of the previous year by running their practices in a new and improved manner. The Covid-19 outbreak has caused a lot of businesses to suffer, including healthcare practices. The small, independent practices earn their revenue through daily visits of patients who were pulled back during quarantine and social distancing. Patients did not feel safe visiting practices, due to which the turn-out fell significantly.

EHR software has changed the way practices work. The software has brought innovation and efficiency in the healthcare practices through the proper use of technology. The health IT industry is undergoing rapid changes on a daily basis as there are a large number of software vendors who are tirelessly working towards innovation in features and offering EHR software have to offer to their users. 

Liquid EHR Software is one of the top EHR software in 2021. Liquid EHR Software has also gone through multiple changes in the past. The software has gone through constant development and is still going through it. The software offers a number of reasons for it to be ranked high. Liquid EHR includes exceptional features for users to deploy and use in their practices to gain a competitive edge over competitors. 

What you need to know about Liquid EHR Software

Liquid EHR Software is Electronic Health Records Software that has been designed to cater to Optometry Practices. Optometry is the medical healthcare profession that revolves around the examination of the eye for abnormalities or problems with the visual system. Optometry practice in itself is a very sensitive practice and requires a lot of documentation and personal care. Liquid EHR Software has been perfectly designed to cater to all of those issues. 

Liquid EHR Software has amazing offerings such as a dynamic scheduler, e-prescription, lab integration, medical optometry-specific charts, and much more. The software is a web-based software that provides an extremely secure and safe cloud-based database that is used to store patient data and records online. 

Users can easily use or access the data anywhere with access to the internet. The software also provides special optometry-specific features as well such as drawing tools, historical IOP charts, built-in eye charts, and much more.  

Top features that Liquid EHR Software has to offer in 2021

EMR/EHR Software: Liquid EHR software provides an electronic health records software that helps users to store data on an online cloud-based, secure database. This provides them the ability to access information at their discretion at all times. The software also does not set a limit on how many providers could use the system. The EMR Software helps users to save time, effort, and physical space while working at their practice. 

Practice Management: Liquid EHR Software also offers providers Practice Management software for their administrative tasks. The PM software significantly improves practice workflows and offers users the liberty to stay focused and invest more time in their healthcare offerings. The PM software streamlines workflows and helps users to easily manage their documentation. It takes care of automatic reminders and overall management in the office. 

E-Prescription: Liquid EHR also offers its users an e-prescription feature. This feature allows users to easily send prescriptions to labs and order drugs. This also allows them to have better control over controlled drugs. The prescriptions can also be shared easily with patients. The E-prescription feature enhances remote usage of the software, which is very helpful amidst a Pandemic. 

Reporting and Analytics: As Liquid EHR software is a specialty-specific software that caters to optometry practices, it includes amazing reporting and analytical features for Optometry practices. The software offers built-in eye charts that allow users to easily log data and create patient charts. These charts assist with better and more accurate diagnoses. Image Management is also included as there is a lot of imaging and scanning required while working in a practice catering to issues related to the eye. 

Patient Portal: Patients are always an integral part of every practice, regardless of the specialty. Liquid EHR offers a portal especially designed for patients and doctors to constantly, remotely, stay in touch with each other. This reduces the need to visit the practice for every small issue. Patients could easily talk to their providers using the portal. The portal allows sharing of data, images, test results, and much more. 

These are the top 5 features all interested healthcare providers should look out for in 2021. To acquire more information about Liquid EHR software, visit Find EMR.   

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