Top 5 Screen Print Companies in Portland, WA

Screen printing is ideal for clientele who want unique attire for their business, occasion, school, association, or family reunion. It has trademarks with 1 to 7 colors. Due to a lack of finances, most companies and institutions cannot publicize their activities.

On the other hand, screen printing is a cost-effective way to promote your company’s growth. With a minimal budget, organizations may market their facilities. However, if you want to create incredible designs, you should go with a professional screen printing t-shirt firm. It looks professional as well as adds quality to your clothing.

Note that not all firms will provide you with well-designed, high-quality items. If you have the most incredible t-shirt screen printing company, you will always have available consumers. Here are the top 5 screen printing companies in Portland when it concerns promoting your brand.


At ApparelnBags, they can get screenprint and embroider almost any item you can imagine. They offer a large selection of standard colors and can make custom ink to match your brand shades perfectly.

One of the best screen printing companies in Portland focuses on details in its work. In addition, the company’s in-house designer can take your concepts and turn them into reality. You may relax and leave the task them. Since they offer affordable costs and exceptional quality on every project they undertake.

The company’s clients receive the unique products they require. Their knowledgeable sales team can help you choose from a wide range of wardrobe options. They can meet your material and style, quality requirements, and budget.

Oregon Screen Impressions

Oregon Screen Impressions is the ideal alternative for your custom clothes and printing. They have over 100 years of combined experience.

If you require 24 pieces or more, the company prioritizes customer service, quality, and cost-effectiveness. Their designers have regularly updated in a fast-paced business by incorporating cutting-edge technologies. They’ve always been ready to put money into conducting business in the best direction rather than the easiest option.

The firm has a hands-on sales force that treats every task as if it were twenty-four pieces or twenty-four thousand. Hence, Oregon Screen stands out from the competition with ecologically-safe inks and high-quality goods. They have infinite alternatives and environmentally responsible company methods.

SG PrintWorks

SG PrintWorks is a customized screen printing and graphical design firm in Portland, Oregon. Many small enterprises, independent apparel lines, and performers use its services.

Customers may benefit by selling the things they print at a reasonable price because the firm provides wholesale discounts. Their designers prioritize taking enough time with each garment that we publish and giving a quick turnaround on all orders. Customers can rely on the proprietary product integrity and its ease of doing business.

SG has established a reputation for product purity, outstanding individual customer service, straightforward pricing, and stringent deadline adherence. Their shirt and print quality are unique, and everything will be completed promptly.

Pacific North Press

Pacific North Press is a full-service custom screen printing and embroidery studio in Portland, Oregon, focused on quality. They concentrate on the best quality printing and aim to create sustainability in the things they embellish.

Their artisans devote the appropriate amount of time and attention to the procedure so that your items look, feel, and wear beautifully. They can print your products in the most significant resolution currently achievable. They use slashing technology and high-quality inks.

For your project, we can acquire a wide range of items. They may communicate to your audience with high-end products to very sustainable recycled and organic textiles. Undoubtedly, Pacific North Press has the greatest embellished goods for you. They’ll be able to bring your idea to the next level with their knowledge of the industry and printing methods.

Shop Strange

The objective of Shop Strange is to create an empire that will improve its clients’ quality of life. They can produce high-quality work and provide excellent customer service. Thus, keeping it genuine with all of their consumers.

The company’s experts work hard every day to maintain its position as a rising brand in the screen printing business. They are the courageous ones that have the passion, drive, and commitment to raising the bar in the printing business. Furthermore, they establish new quality, customer service, and perfection benchmarks.
Nothing will stop Shop Strange from becoming the best. Their skilled artists will engage with you throughout the process, considering your input and making any modifications you like.


Every year, thousands of new enterprises are launched. Thus, making it harder for firms to attract their target audience’s attention. If you are contemplating printed T-shirts, you will undoubtedly benefit much. Unique designs, aiming to leverage, and high-quality items are all included.

Companies have begun to use screen-printed items to promote their brand and draw their attention. It might turn out to be a tremendous plus for you. It can help the firm reach new heights.

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