Top 7 Educational YouTube Channels for Children

We see the latest educational trends and advanced learning are evolving each day. However, YouTube is one of the main sources of learning for children worldwide. You might want to know about some best educational youtube channels for children that supplement their knowledge. Also, it is the most used streaming site for entertainment purposes, but many channels help children learn their lessons at different levels. People of different ages spend most of their time on YouTube watching their favorite shows or channels. Children also spend time watching fun videos on YouTube, which makes it an incredible tool to keep them engaged in learning.

Parents might get confused about choosing the best educational youtube channels for kids. Therefore, this article will help you choose the best option for your child. It can be a hectic task for parents to select a particular educational channel among thousands of available options.

7 Most Perfect Educational Youtube Channels for Children

Kids today are fortunate that they have more accessible learning options. Luckily there are many safe YouTube channels available for the best educational videos. However, this article has rounded up a few top and best learning channels for your child.

Crash Course Kids

If you are looking for educational youtube channels for 5-year-olds, this is one of the suitable options. So, Crash Course Kids allows children to learn and explore the world of science. It is an incredible source of helping your child with science knowledge. Moreover, your child will learn many mandatory topics, from basic habitats to space to complicated chemical reactions. However, the only aim of this Youtube channel is to make science learning fun for children at different levels.

It is necessary to note that this channel is American and will help all children in the UK currently enrolled in Key Stage 2. However, this is the best option for parents looking for quality science tuition in London for Key Stage 2. It will help children learn science topics in a fun way rather than the other tutoring options available in London. So, if you want your child to supplement the science knowledge, you should check out their videos.

Homeschool Pop

This YouTube channel is considered the jack of all trades. Why? Because it covers different academic year groups and lessons. However, most of the content is covered for KS2. So, your child can learn various crucial lessons of Maths, History, English, and Science excitingly.

Also, know that it is an American channel, and it may not include the national curriculum of the UK, but still, it will help your child with general knowledge.

Word World

It is one of the most suitable educational youtube channels for 4-year-olds. So, if your child needs help in learning and understanding the core knowledge of the main subjects in KS1, this is your channel. There are weekly episodes, each about 30 minutes. However, these episodes are like a show and tell activity. In each episode, different objects are built with different letters that make the word these objects represent. So, if you are up to enhancing your child’s reading, writing, and spelling skills at a young age, word world is the best option.

National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids is that version of a national geographic channel that helps children learn about animals, science, different cultures, and traditions worldwide. Moreover, it increases the child’s knowledge with many fun facts videos. Most of the videos are short but are very informative. So, you can check out this website to see whether it can help your child’s learning somehow.

Adnan Khan Tutoring

Adnan Khan Tutoring is unique and has the best online tutoring videos, especially for children living in the UK. However, it has been providing tuition services for more than 20 Years, and it is considered one of the best youtube channels for 11 Plus Exams preparation. You will see English, Maths, Science, 11 Plus, SATs and GCSE videos on this channel, including the recorded lessons. So, whether your child has just started primary school or you are in search of educational youtube channels for secondary children, this is the perfect pick.

Sesame Street

It is one of the best and most famous educational YouTube Channels for children. However, this channel is run by Sesame Workshop, a nonprofit company that creates various programs for children. So, this channel has many videos that will support your child in learning crucial skills. Moreover, you will see a lot of educational content for KS1. The style of the videos is unique but exciting. So, I will suggest trying once and see.

Khan Academy

Who does not know Khan Academy? Everybody does. The most attractive thing about this channel is that it aims to provide free education in every corner of the world. So, on this channel, you will find a range of educational content for different subjects produced by experts. Not only that, but it also helps parents deal with the child’s academic challenges. Moreover, you can submit questions in the live YouTube session. You will see videos on almost every topic on this channel.


These are some of the best and top educational platforms on YouTube that will help your child learn different subject areas. So, you can see which of them can better suit your child’s needs.

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