Traditional Text Books vs E-Books

Never-Ending Course Books

As soon as our routine school or college classes resume, our parents are handed over with a list that includes the course books for the whole year, along with a few additional things that will be important or are unnecessary throughout. Now, focusing on the textbooks, these are more than a whole solid dictionary which is believed to have been covered completely along with revisions by the end of the upcoming year. Like seriously? That sounds not just near to but is completely impossible. But, it is just another way of collecting the additional amount from parents or developing an image that a particular institution is following the trend of robust knowledge being spread effectively.

Years ago, some books were followed for a decade. The authors were praised regularly for their efforts. Today, no such approach exists, and every textbook has a new edition printed every year or in the mid of the year as well. Although, there are no visible changes within these editions other than including some images, changing the front cover, adding a few additional definitions, etc. In this way, a student is ultimately forced to spend increased amounts on buying new textbooks every year instead of borrowing them from a senior who had just passed the level, which could be an affordable approach. Yet, this has been identified by the market mafia, and with collaborative efforts, for sure, an edition-changing tradition has been emphasized extensively.

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An Initiative to Change this Trend
Technology has benefited every industry, whereas its impacts on the educational sector have been commendable as well. Technology has changed the way classes were held, whereas today, students at different levels can attend classes online from teachers who can be situated in any part of the world. In this stance, effective and efficient knowledge is being provided with increasing chances for retaining a successful career in the future. Major and unconditional thanks to the Covid-19 Pandemic, which encouraged the use of technology in education, and students were diverted towards using modern technology, such as Zoom Video Conferencing, to attend routine course classes.

Similarly, technology has benefited the aspect of reading and learning, as well. Today, a majority of the textbooks have been replaced through a soft-copy approach by providing a PDF file of a whole book, regardless of its pages, to the students from different online sources.

It indeed was a great hassle to look up a particular statement, concept, or word in a book comprising thousands of pages until the concept of the glossary was introduced. However, today everything is controlled technically when you just need to press (ctrl+f) and search for anything on the PDF file provided. Technology has been a life-saver indeed, and it needs to be encouraged in the light of course textbooks extensively.

Did it achieve the Right Recognition and Response as Predicted and Perceived?
The struggle for search, access, and saving a hard textbook was real, and only the 90s kids will be able to understand and relate to it effectively. However, e-books are easily available today, and at some time in life during the early ages of technical developments and advancements, we all wanted to own a Merriam’s Webster (a thesaurus come dictionary) or an Amazon Kindle (an e-book reader), as interest or a part of routine life to minimize the hassles faced daily.

However, the mafia in the market selling books is much stronger, and sadly there are different organizational institutions involved in this approach as well which highly discourages the use of e-books in schools. Even if we ever intend to accompany a smartphone or a tablet computer to school for learning purposes, it is confiscated as soon as it is discovered, regardless of having concern towards the reason it was bought.

Other than the efficiency benefits, e-books are offered on a membership basis, similar to a library service. A majority of us haven’t been to libraries in the modern era when a whole library can be found within our pocket. All thanks to technology which is still unrecognized heavily while several countries benefiting through it have reached the peak of their desired success levels.

In the technically-advanced era of today, we are restricting potential opportunities by our hands instead of acknowledging different opportunities with a positive approach and looking forward to them to change our perceptions positively.

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