Trends The Real Money Gaming Industry in India 2022

According to the time technology has also changed and reached new heights of glory. Among every age group, youngsters are gaining more interest in tech and the reason for this is gaming. The craze of gaming in India has increased among youngsters during the time of the pandemic and not only offline or indoor games but most Indians are stepping towards online gaming. Due to this, the gaming industry in India is getting a boom and according to a KPMG report, the numbers are expected to rise to 510 million in 2022 up from 360 million in 2020.

The gaming industry in India is getting upliftment because the youth is getting involved in gaming a lot. The reason to get into gaming is that they can earn money by playing games or they can become a game developer and have a job.

Now let’s see some key trends that will rule India’s gaming industry in 2022 and further.

Creating a Community of Gamers

In the past two years, people were caged into their homes and have no connection with others. Gaming was one of the major sources that brought people together online and build friendships online. As gaming became freer and recognized companies are jumping toward games to sponsor them and maintain communities. Free online gaming platforms like Ludo have most Indian users and created a community of people who earn money online by playing games. FK Ludo is the most loved and popular online Ludo game among Indians.

Big Investments in Real Money Gaming

In India, the affordable internet data price and much use of digital payments have made real money online gaming so popular for a large population who doesn’t know anything about online gaming. The competitors are increasing rapidly because people are getting aware that there is a low risk of money wasting and they will get high rewards. Moreover, companies are building trust through transparency and keeping up their game with advanced and updated technology, and satiating the hunger of customers by providing the best security and transaction methods. Most online games use several digital payment options so that anyone can participate in the game easily and the winning money of the user is directly deposited into the bank account through UPI.

Ludo: Trusted Real Money Game

Ludo is one of the most loved online multiplayer games not only in India but around the world and this game has magic that strengthens your bond with your loved ones when you play with them. When Ludo was not introduced online people used to play the game indoors with their friends and family to have fun and spend some quality time together. Earlier people need some equipment to play Ludo like a square shape board, 4 tokens for each player, and dice to get a number so that the token can move forward.

In the online Ludo app, you just need a device and a good internet connection and you can play the game anywhere and anytime with anyone. The rules of most Ludo games are the same and they have similar gaming modes but the only difference can be in online tournaments of the game. Some online gaming platforms have different kinds of tournaments with high prize pools. They keep rewards high so that more players participate and the lucky winner gets real money after winning the tourney. You can earn money by playing online mode in these Ludo games where you compete with random online players.


Today India is one of the leading and growing online gaming markets. Gaming gained popularity in the mid of pandemic when people found online gaming is a good source to make new relationships and interact with new people. As technology is changing simultaneously with time everything is getting better and easier in humans day to day life. In India youth are taking gaming seriously because they are getting employment and having fun in the gaming industry. According to an all-India gaming federation report it is stated that the online gaming sector in India is the fastest-growing sector which will cross 2 billion USD by 2023. Once the Indian government realizes the importance of online gaming and comes up with an effective policy to promote online gaming then the gaming industry will know its real caliber.

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