Valentines Day in Brazil- Dia Dos Namorados no Brazil

Every year, Valentines day in Brazil is celebrated on 12th June. Dia dos Namorados celebration is not less than any gigantic social event.


Thinking why Brazil didn’t celebrate Valentine on 14 February when the whole world is celebrating.

The answer to your question is here:

There are two reasons behind the celebration of Valentines in Brazil on 12th June. The first reason is,  in February, Brazil is all about the Festivals which contain Parades,  Parties, colorful street decorations and general norms indulgences. This called Carnival week.

Interesting reason of  Valentines Day in Brazil

The second reason behind this festivity is, Brazil celebrates their “ Dia dos Namorados” (Lover’s day) at 12th June due to the dates closeness to Saint Anthony’s Day Eve on 13th June. Sanit Anthony, general of Brazilian army and Saint of Catholic Church. In Brazil, he recognized as bless young couples with a successful and happy marriage.

Celebration for Lovers as Dia Dos Namorados is mostly related to observance of Saint Anthony’s Day. This day is also celebrated in some other countries on 17th January in attachment with Anthony the Great. Saint Anthony’s Day Eve is the religious practice day for many in Brazil and Portugal.

In Brazil, the celebration of Valentines is not less than any gigantic social occasion. People of different racial groups from different parts of the country come together to show different cultural events. Before this mega day, its preparation started. The roads decorated with beautiful bright lights. Many concerts and shows are organized also.

The Celebration in Brazil is same as celebrated in the other parts of the world, sharing of cards, romantic gifts, chocolates, flowers and having romantic activities like date night. Moreover, people decorate their homes to make them beautiful. Some similar musical celebrations contain Samba dancing and other folk Music celebrations.

Portugal Tradition on Valentines Day

Some people use one step more which is traditional in Portugal. Men send gift baskets to women which is full of gourmet goodies. And women send the same basket which filled with delightful liqueurs!

A famous advertiser of Brazil once makes a featuring advertisement which said that kiss is not only the way to prove your love. Since then, Brazillian People celebrates the day with the same state of mind.

All age group of people containing adults and children also participate in this celebration. People of Brazil Love to spend their time with relatives, family, and friends. They organize the special parties for gathering.

Don’t worry if you’re single because movie theaters, nightclubs, and as well as bars offer many special schedules for the individual. Shopping malls offer many big sales of their different items.

To find the good husband or boyfriend, single women practice famous rituals, called simpatias. So on the Eve prayer, one might hide the love letter in a vase of Ocimum to forward to a future lover.

During Valentine, the life of Brazillian people in the night is highly unusual stunning. The whole night, pubs and discotheques are opened. People planning different trips to show their true love and emotions.

The best time to spend with your loved ones is the valentines day in Brazil.

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