Weight Loss Surgery Reduces the Risk of Severe Liver Disease

Fatty liver disease is quite common and obesity acts as a major risk factor for the disease. Being overweight or obese affects your chances of suffering from fatty liver disease. In recent studies, scientists claimed that weight-loss surgeries can help to reduce your chances of suffering from fatty liver disease.

What is Fatty Liver Disease?

Just as the name indicates, fatty liver disease refers to the deposition of fats in the liver. The liver is an important organ in our body that is known to play multiple roles. From being responsible for the production of red blood cells to detoxifying our body and aiding the digestion of nutrients, the liver does it all, revealed top physicians from Jamal Noor Hospital addressing a webinar on liver health. .

However, when we consume too many fatty acids over years, it can lead to the deposition of fat in liver tissues.

This excessive fat in the liver can go unnoticed over time. However, the fat deposition stays for too long; it can definitely cause complications and damage to the liver. This not only compromises liver function but can be the cause of liver inflammation and scarring of liver tissue.

Fatty Liver Disease and Body Weight

When we talk about the causes of fatty liver, being overweight comes as the primary risk factor for the disease. When your overall body weight exceeds your BMI, your body fat index is definitely higher. This fat can be deposited anywhere in your body and can even accumulate on your visceral organs. Obese people have deposited fat in their ovaries, liver and other organs. This makes the connection between liver disease and obesity quite clear.

Liver complications can be dangerous and can make patients’ lives miserable. However, liver problems remain quite preventable and easy with good lifestyle practices and good dietary habits. When there will be a reduced intake of fats through diet, it will automatically derive the energy from the stored fat thus helping with the management of fatty liver. Thus, shedding those extra pounds remains a good solution against fatty liver disease.

Bariatric Surgery – A Way to Healthier Life

When it comes to weight reduction, the role of weight loss surgeries stays important and can’t be denied. Bariatric surgeries or weight loss surgeries are the procedures that induce changes into your digestive system and ultimately help you lose weight. These surgeries come a little late in the lane of weight loss options and are opted when diet or workout etc. fail.

How does Bariatric Surgery Help to Prevent Fatty Liver Complications?

Bariatric surgeries have become quite popular and remained in the discussion. However, a recent study reported the use of bariatric surgery towards improved liver health. The study targeted more than 1000 patients who were sufferers of fatty liver disease. The patients were having an aggressive form of fatty liver disease. Almost 650 patients went through bariatric surgery and shed a sufficient amount of weight.

Experimental outcomes revealed that the patients who were suffering from fatty liver disease and had undergone the surgical procedure got rid of the severe liver complications. The overall success rate was reported to be 95% when compared with the control group. The surgery did not only help patients to achieve their weight loss goals but also let them manage their health conditions well. The change wasn’t only limited to the appearance but was quite helpful in reducing the risk of fatty liver disease.

Bottom Line!

Fatty liver disease is a common health problem and affects millions of people across the globe. The condition is not so dangerous in the beginning and can go unnoticed unless it gets severely complicated. Fatty liver disease and associated complications can take a toll on overall liver health among patients and compromise their quality of life. Whenever we talk about the cause of fatty liver disease, being obese or overweight comes as a common disease risk factor.

Shedding excessive body weight can help patients to manage conditions effectively limiting the disease complications. Weight loss surgeries came into focus recently. Scientists revealed that bariatric surgeries can be a ray of hope for people who suffer from fatty liver disease as the procedure can help patients live a healthy life.

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