What Are The Best CMS Development Software For Website Development?

In today’s times, it has become necessary for businesses to develop a website in order to gain a competitive edge and to go ahead with website development. A suitable Content Management System (CMS website development company) platform is essential. So, the term CMS is not new and a number of new CMS platforms emerge every year and often it becomes tough to find out which CMS platform is best to go with. 

Now, in this article, we will discuss in-depth everything that needs to be known about to find the best CMS platforms and web development company, so let’s begin by first getting a better understanding of CMS.

What are Content Management Systems (CMS)?

CMS is an app that enables publishing and managing the content on the website in an intuitive manner. It is a lot like having a text editor (such as TextEdit or Notepad) that allows publishing articles directly to a website owned by you. Now, this is the basic CMS can do, as the best CMS options available today allow you to do a lot more than just do that. Like they allow indexing of the content, making changes to the content, and formatting it using the visual editors, and a lot more.

Often people get confused between CMS and a website builder. Basically, a website builder is a tool that helps in creating websites even when there is no coding knowledge involved. Hence, the results are attained by offering access to a visual drag-and-drop editor. But the results accomplished here are very simple and there are just a few customization options available with just little control over how the website is created.

However, in the case of CMS, it is not that easy to simply pick up and utilize any technical knowledge. But the CMS options that are available today come with a lot of tools that are helpful in designing and creating modern websites. The present-day CMS options are more like a one-stop solution that helps to create websites and manage the content. And on the basis of the CMS that you pick, you can get access to the additional features that can be installed with the use of plugins/extensions.

In this article, we discuss the best CMS options that are available for users in the year 2021.

What are the best CMS website development company options out there in 2021?

Below we have handpicked the best CMS options available out there and the one thing that all of them have in common is that they are all open-source and are available to install in one 1-click on the Hostinger. What this means is that you won’t require spending money to install and try each one of them. So, let’s go ahead and create a list of the best free CMS options available today:

1. WordPress :

This is one of the most popular online, open-source web development tools. It is based on PHP, which holds the number one rank among top CMS platforms. Also, it is perhaps the easier & most robust blogging & web content management system that altogether holds 60.6% of the market share. In case you’re looking to create a website for product display, blogging, or for eCommerce with good support, security, and high quality, then the WordPress CMS platform should be your best bet. Its key features involve showing/hiding things with the use of screen options, moving/adding/deleting dashboard widgets, pasting URLs for making links in the Visual Editor, previewing themes sans activating them, editing images, accessibility mode for widgets, and splitting the single post into multiple pages. We can develop On-demand websites ex- doctor on-demand, taxi apps like ola, online event ticket booking app on this because it’s very easy to operate.

2. Umbraco:

Among the friendliest CMS platforms, Umbraco offers the freedom to its users for creating and customizing content on the website as per their requirements. This platform is based on Microsoft’s ASP.Net framework, and unlike the other PHP-based CMS platforms, the .Net environment is considered more secure. In case you are looking to create a platform that is unsusceptible to malware attacks, then Umbraco should be your choice. Also, this platform doesn’t need frequent updates as required with WordPress or Drupal. Its key features consist of Full Design control, Maintain & manage the website, edit/store data, support the cloud, smart search feature, Enable images, videos, & file upload, supports standard tools, etc.

3. Joomla: 

This popular CMS website development platform is easy to install and Set-up by just anyone and one doesn’t need to be an advanced user to use this platform. It is one of those few web hosting services that allow a single-click install, creating the new website in no time. Web developers can easily and quickly create sites using Joomla CMS tools for web development as they are very easy to use to build and manage websites. Its key features include Frontend Editing, Web Link Management, Powerful Extensibility, Banner Management, Media Manager, User Management, Multilingual, Content Management.

4. Magento:

This eCommerce platform is created on open-source technology providing the online merchants with this flexible shopping cart system. Magento is considered the most popular among other CMS platforms available in the eCommerce industry and it offers robust marketing, catalog management tools, and Search Engine Optimization tools. Mainly created for the eCommerce stores, Magento as-a-platform holds a six percent share amongst all of the other eCommerce CMS platforms. Its key features include Catalogue Browsing, Catalogue Management, Product Browsing, Site Management, Marketing/Promotions/Conversion Tools, Order Management, Shipping, Checkout, and Payment.

5. Drupal:

Drupal holds the third rank amongst the top CMS website development company platforms and it is one of the ready-to-use CMS tools for website development that is written in PHP programming language. This software supports newsletters, podcasts, content management, image galleries, collaborative authoring, peer-to-peer networking, file uploads/downloads, and much more. Its key features consist of Multilingual Ready, More HTML5 Power, New Theme Engine, Quick Edits, Easy Authoring, Manage Your Configuration.

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