What Can WhatsApp API Do for Your Business

You may have heard the word API multiple times without fully understanding what it implies. For your convenience, we’ll break everything down for you. 

The Application Programming Interface (API) is a piece of software that allows two programmes to communicate with one another. You’re utilizing an API whenever you use an app to send a message, perform a search, or upload a photo to the internet. 

The Business API for WhatsApp is similar. It can assist your company in communicating with other users via a WhatsApp API account for the company. 

While this may appear hard at first, it’s actually rather simple once you realise how it may benefit your company.

What is the WhatsApp Business API capable of? 

We live in a digital world where everyone is always online, and there’s a good possibility they’re one of WhatsApp’s 2 billion active users. 

Every year, more businesses join WhatsApp Business, which now has over 50 million members worldwide and is growing.

WhatsApp API can help your online business in a variety of ways. So, why is it necessary for your company to begin supplying customers through the app? Here are some examples of what the WhatsApp API can achieve for your business.

1. On-the-spot support for customers 

Using a chatbot in conjunction with the WhatsApp Business API can completely transform your customer service efforts, allowing you to assist consumers right on their phones, when they need it. 

Even if no help personnel are available, you may swiftly reply to customer support requests through the app. 

Customers can have intelligent and personalized discussions using chatbots that use the WhatsApp API. This assists with the classification of queries based on their complexity, allowing only the most critical support tickets to be transferred to live agents. This can help you become much more efficient over time.

2. Make recommendations for products and services that are relevant to them. 

Customers are frequently perplexed while purchasing online, with thousands of options in front of them. They don’t get to see and feel the thing, and they may have a lot of questions about the products they’re interested in, which they don’t get to do when shopping in stores. 

Customers’ buying habits can be analyzed by a WhatsApp API chatbot, which can then recommend things they would like. Customers may find products they like without having to sift through a catalog of tens of thousands of items.

3. Allow payments to be made under one roof. 

According to Salesforce, up to 74% of clients use MULTIPLE channels to complete a transaction. Your users now demand the polar opposite. They desire trips that start and conclude in the same location. A WhatsApp chatbot is all your users need to renew their insurance premium or recharge their phone number. 

You can also use the WhatsApp API to facilitate transactions while your consumers are selecting their products. When it’s time to convert, a competent WhatsApp chatbot will engage users with offers and send the payment link. WhatsApp Pay, a UPI-based payment system, was also launched by WhatsApp. This feature lets customers who buy on WhatsApp to make quick payments using the app.

4. Get fast feedback to see how you can approve. 

Gathering feedback is a vital aspect of product development and marketing. You may gauge what your clients require by collecting relevant input by employing a chatbot powered by WhatsApp’s Business API. You can use the data you’ve gathered to better your product or service while also making your customers feel valued. 

5. Collect useful data and have a deeper understanding of your users 

From their interactions with users, AI-powered chatbots can collect a lot of data. As a result, you may utilize this dataset to improve customer happiness, swiftly handle customer service problems, and even design more effective marketing campaigns over time.

6. Stay on your toes even if you don’t feel like it (physically). 

People want businesses to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer their questions. Hiring a customer support team to be on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week is incredibly expensive, especially for small and medium firms.

7. Marketing with a nearly unbeatable open rate 

WhatsApp Business API is a popular choice among both small and large organizations. This is due to the app’s large user base, which allows you to reach the majority of people via their phones. As a result, they won’t have to download an untrustworthy third-party programme. 

If you have a smartphone, you’ve probably heard of WhatsApp. We’ve all grown accustomed to the wonderful green messenger’s interface, which has made using the app so simple over time. Throughout the course of a typical day, your users are constantly checking, reading, and consuming information on WhatsApp.

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