What Do I Need to Know About Dry Cleaning?

What Do I Need to Know About Dry Cleaning?

Do you know? That dry cleaning is also called French cleaning. A French man invented the dry cleaning process, and we use chemicals for this cleaning method. Dry cleaning doesn’t mean it is a dry cleaning process; in the dry cleaning method, we wetted the clothes in chemicals and solvents, and then they can be clean and pressed by steam.

Some clothes not affected if we wash them in machines and dry them in the dryers, but some clothes stuff can’t bear the washing of machines and dryers then we use dry cleaning process to clean clothes. Fabric-like silk, wool, velvet, acetate, rayon should be dry cleaned. Dry cleaning prevents the problems like stretching and fading. It also saves our time washing.

When We Need Dry Cleaning?

We need dry cleaning when we feel fear that after washing our clothes become stretch and fade.

Tailored Garments

Tailored garments are garments that are professionally cleaned by the dry cleaning process. The garments that may be stretched by washing need to dry clean.

Delicate silk or any fabric of questionable wash-ability. You have questions about fabric and are not sure about the material; you prefer dry cleaning against washing machines.

●    Persistent stains

If you have tried to remove stains with no success, take the item to the dry cleaner immediately. Some colors can be invisible until acted on by the dry-cleaning process.

Dry Cleaning processes

Garment Tagging

 The best way to know which clothes are related to which customer, then we use tagging or when we returned to the customer, and you are sure that it’s returning to the same customer. Tags show the identification number. 

Garment Inspection

Before cleaning the clothes, the garments can be checked that there are nothing lefts in the pockets. Or check the buttons off the clothes as well. If there is any problem, then they note and tell the customers.

Stain Pre-Treatment

It is part of the inspection process; the stains can first treat and dry clean the cloth. It is beneficial to let the cleaner know to get the best results in the stain removal process.

Machine Dry Cleaning

Firstly gently moved the clothes from the chemical solution, and the solvent is then drained, filtered, and recycled, and the clothes are “rinsed” in a new solvent solution to flush away any last soil remains.

Post Spotting

The dry cleaning is the process which can help you to remove all type of stains even without effecting your clothes. All the garments post spotted and checked the remaining colors. If there are any stains, try to remove the stains with steam, water, or vacuum.


The finishing step of the dry cleaning process is finishing. In this step, all the garments can check and attached the buttons if needed, or pressing can also be included. After all the checking, the clothes are ready to wear and return to the customer.

Why Does a Man Think About Dry Cleaning? 

● When you feel fear that washing can damage your clothes.

● Removes soils and stains from the fabric, which is not washable.

● When you have a fear of shrinking clothes

● You have fear about changing colors.

● You have a fear of changing the texture of clothes.

How Should You Select a Dry Cleaner?

● You may read the company’s policy that if you lost the clothes then how they can deal.

● It would be best if you clear about pricing.

● How long time can they run a business?

● How they deal with their customer

● Are they are good at their work

Limitations of Dry Cleaning

● Dry cleaning may be a little bit costly. 

● In dry cleaning, the solvent may be harmful to some peoples.

● It doesn’t need to be the Ultimate Solution .every time.

Wind UP

In short, we discuss dry cleaning. The dry cleaning method cleans those clothes you fear may be stretched, fade and change their textures. In the dry cleaning process, chemical solvents are used for cleaning to remove stains or dust from the clothes. Dry cleaning is a safe and time-saving process.

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