What does Twin Flame energy feel like?

While I love so many things about the twin flame journey and the benefits it can bring, trying to explain what twin flame energy feels like is not one of them.

In that sense, explaining anything during the twin flame journey is challenging, but (if really pushed) the actual twin flame energy feels like nothing you’ve ever experienced in a normal 2D relationship. It is intense, overwhelming, and guiding.

You may have heard me say this before, but I repeat it so many times for a reason. No two trips are the same. If you asked 100 people what their twin flame energy feels like, you would probably get 200 different answers.

So, let’s take a look at some common patterns, why it happens, and how to use twin flame energy on your journey.

What Twin Flame Energy Can Feel Like

To remind. These are just common examples to use as a guide. Don’t judge your trip in front of other people based on this.

  • Expansive and pulsating heat in the chest.
  • Sudden jolts of different emotions out of nowhere.
  • Physical pain when they are apart (I have treated twin flame pain before).
  • Like an indescribable love.

As the twin flame connection and the twin love relationship evolve, both twins change on a deep energetic level. The spiritual path to union consists of countless stages and experiences of healing, as well as challenging nature.

The path to twin flames to achieve unconditional love and harmony in body, mind and heart requires growth and balance for each partner, as well as the connection of the flame between them. High frequency and vibrational divine love is a meeting of twin flames in union, but before you get there, you will experience separation and reunion, in some cases more than once. It is an emotional and deeply transformative path for the flames that have encountered the one.

What is a Twin Flame Energy?

Twin flames are connected on a much deeper level and share a twin flame bond of unconditional love. That energy bond exists between twin flames before they meet, in the form of energy or higher self or in physical form, as part of the human experience. A soulmate is deeply connected to the other.

Twin Flame Missing Each Other

In the twin soul connection, like attracts like in the sense that there are deep soul energetic similarities between the two flames. Their soul signature reads almost the same, only getting more intense the closer they get. At that point, your vibration becomes an even higher frequency and your connection radiates out into the collective.

That radiant light of yours transforms everything and everyone it touches on a subtle physical or energetic level. That high vibrational love from one twin soul to another is the love that you both have for the collective as a whole. Your chakras radiate 1234 angel number that flame vibration and influence everything and everyone in the collective for the better. It’s like a twin soul gift that keeps giving.

Can My Twin Flame Feel My Energy?

Gemini is deeply connected on very deep and also very subtle levels of energies and vibrations. This can manifest itself in many different ways, from feeling your twin sister (for example) cry to sharing her joy in a new passion or hobby. They share a telepathic and energetic bond or bond that is never broken, whether they have met only in the spiritual realm or also in physical bodies. In that sense, their energies flow freely between them.

Twin flames that have not merged do not necessarily share a single energy body, but are constantly exchanging their personal energies until they merge. That constant flow allows each twin soul to feel the flames of her twin’s soul. That flame burns brightly and will make the other twins always get closer. Those flames cannot be ignored, even if for some reason you sometimes want to. It’s like a trigger point, instantly catching the attention of each twin.

Those who have been traveling for a while are getting more used to the intensely connected nature of their 404 angel number twin flame bond. As a result, in some cases, they may learn to filter or dissolve different types of energies precisely so that their twins do not feel them through their bond.

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