What Is a General E-Commerce Website Development Process

The majority of individuals shopping on the web is expanding every day as it is helpful to do from any place. The development cycle of an online business store is complex, assuming that you do not know where to begin.

Here is the eight-step general e-commerce website development process that will assist you with making an effective business store in a matter of seconds.

Understand Clients’ Needs

Understanding customers’ necessities will drive a lot of things in a site development project. It would be best to start by planning, designing, structuring different packages.

Wireframing of Website

A wireframe is a low-fidelity outline of the site that assists customers with understanding the clients and developers to comprehend the construction of the website they need to create and the e-commerce website development cost.

Creating Website Prototype

Having an intuitive model assists customers with imagining their prerequisites and comprehending the structure of pages. To get the final approval of the website design, you need to do prototyping. It will help you know if the client requires any changes to the website.

Design Your Website

Planning a site’s pages rely on a few critical things and a couple of them are

  1. Knowing your target audience
  2. What are the features they incorporate

Enabling Cross-Browser and Cross-Device Compatibility

The website should be highly responsive. Whenever any user visits your website, it should reload the web pages fast and be compatible with every device and operating system.

Registering Domain Name & Hosting

A domain name is an essential aspect; it assists users with perceiving the kind of website the client needs. For instance; .com,.net, .organization, .in, and so on. It is an integral part of the WordPress website development process.


Before making the eventual outcome for clients, quality experts ensure that the site breezes through the beneath recommendations- 

  1. Functionality test
  2. Usability test
  3. Performance testing
  4. Security testing


The last step is to launch the site and make it accessible for your clients and customers.

Final Thoughts

To make an overall online business website does not need a lot of money, time, or technical information. You need a website development company with good experience and expertise to grow massively.



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