What is the best online site for UPSC preparation?

UPSC is an abbreviation of Union Public Services Commission. UPSC conducted an exam competition among students to choose the best officers for the most prominent government post. Almost lakhs of students apply for the UPSC exam, but less than a thousand only pass this exam.

UPSC exam

UPSC exam has three exams, Prelim, Main, and interview.

Prelim exam

It contains two papers, General Studies I and General Studies II. Prelim exam passing marks do not add to the final exam Because it considers a test paper to check the students’ eligibility for the UPSC Exam. General Studies I and II are objective papers with 100 and 80 questions respectively. Both are negative marking papers, so it is advised that if students do not conform to the answer, they should skip this question instead of the wrong answer.

Main exam

UPSC Main exam has two types of paper, one for qualifying and the second for merit ranking. Language and English papers are for qualifying their passing marks and do not add to the ranking list. Other papers like Essay papers and General Studies I are for ranking.

Every student must get 25% marks in each ranking subject. Candidates must cover full paper on a given sheet because no extra sheet is available, so always keep it in mind when you attempt your paper.


An interview is the last part of the exam, which is necessary to pass. UPSC experts check the different aspects of a candidate’s personality during the interview. For instance, experts check the aspirant’s critical and analytical thinking, mental acuity, and leadership thinking by asking confusing questions.

Tips and tricks for preparing for the UPSC exam

The UPSC exam is hard to pass. SO without proper planning, no one cannot pass the exam. Here some practical tips are present that may help you during UPSC preparation.

Do not waste time

UPSC exam needs 18 months for preparation. To pass the UPSC exam, aspirants need to give all their time to its practice. Candidates must start practicing as soon as possible. UPSC exam is conducted every year. So you can begin its preparation from your lower classes. Your success depends on how much time you spend on it.

Previous Papers

You can understand the paper pattern by looking at the previous paper. Sometimes, some questions repeat many times so you can get an idea about the importance of the question from previous papers.

Find good resources

You can get all the information about the UPSC Exam from the internet. Many websites are available that are always ready to provide you with accurate facts. You can communicate with seniors about their experience of the UPSC journey and check reviews and comments of seniors about this exam.

Mental and Physical Fitness

You must keep in mind that the UPSC exam is not only a written exam, your mental and physical health are also judged during this exam. So, you must give time to maintain your body health during UPSC preparation. Experts check your mental and physical health sequence during an interview. If you lose confidence or show any shivering, they can reject you.

Online sites for UPSC preparation

Many students do not bear the expense of offline study, so online resources are an excellent choice for students Best IAS Coaching in Delhi. Some sites are present here, which help you to get information about the UPSC exam.

gk today. in

It is a general knowledge website. It provides all information about the UPSC exam. Gk today. in upload informative UPSC exam-related articles, Updates about current affairs, and much study-related content. Students can download the gk today academy app for exam preparation. Aspirants can get all these facilities free of cost.


This website works for each student of UPSC if they apply on this website. They consider that each student has a unique mind and path to follow in the preparation strategy. This website provides current affairs and news about UPSC. Students can get many articles that are very helpful for exam preparation.

Candidates can get informative lectures from experts. The website updates its information and lectures daily so that students get all updates about exams.


Students can get general knowledge from this site and current affairs. This site uploads

  • UPSC-related articles
  • Newspapers
  • Question papers
  • Video courses

 The squad has a separate section for prelim and the main exams.


 It is the most popular academy among students due to its extraordinary features. Students can get motivational and inspirational lectures from this site. Aspirants can get A to Z content about the UPSC exam. The website provides all updates about syllabus, dates, and preparation tips to students.


It has paid and free study material. It is an excellent choice for UPSC preparation because the website uploads answers to questions daily for  UPSC students. Students can read many informative articles with short quizzes that increase their knowledge. Students have the facility to download free study apps.


It provides all facilities free of cost. Its information is in English and Hindi. They have video, audio, and PDF files to facilitate students.  The website provides current affairs and current lectures in the form of video and audio. They update present content daily. Afeias have a youtube channel and provide tips and tricks to students about the UPSC exam.


Baba works on a short and entertaining plan that keeps students fresh. Students can get general knowledge and current affairs in entertaining ways that increase their knowledge and confidence. Students are not bored by its learning methods and are always ready to accept all updates. Iasbaba provides lectures in the form of video games on its youtube channels.


If you are a candidate for UPSC exams, you must follow all the above tips for exam preparation and visit all of these websites that are helpful for you to attempt the exam successfully. All these websites are best with features, it depends on you how you can get information from this website.

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