What is the purpose of web scraping?

Web scraping can help you generate more leads

Have you ever developed a great product but no users? You know your product is great, but you don’t know where to find customers. You can search online, but it will take too long to find and email all potential users!

Web scraping may be the solution for you.

Today we will see:

What is web scraping?

If it’s legal

What data can you get with it?

What tools can be used

How to generate leads

What is web scraping?

A web scraper is software that extracts information from websites.

It can take many different forms

Using tools like Anysite Scraper, the complete software is operated.

A simple script that parses the content of a website’s responses using tools like Anysite Scraper.

Assuming you want to get data from the top 100 Y-Combinatory companies, you can get them manually in the startup directory:

It’s a long time: you have to click on each page to get your data.

It’s incomplete: you don’t even have an email! You have to get them yourself, which can make the process even longer.

It doesn’t scale the more data you need, the more time you spend.

With Web Scraper you get this data quickly and automatically!

A simple scraper does the following:

Go to the side.

Obtaining data (company name, address, description, logo,).


Is web scraping legal?

Yes, web scraping is technically legal.

During the US Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that scraping data is not illegal because it is publicly available and not copyrighted.

Just make sure that your target data is publicly available and that you are certainly not using it illegally.

What data can I get with web scraping?

Virtually every piece of public data on the Internet (and even less public).

The data you want is in Google Search, whether you’re looking for financial assets, demographics, lyrics, or even screenplays, your favorite data is probably already available online. The same applies to company data, as we will see later.

What web scraping tools should you use?

There are many tools for every type of use and skill level.

Web scrapers like Anysite Scraper is a good place to start:

They are easy to use.

You can retrieve data from pages with a simple structure.

We make data retrieval more efficient.

They have many integrations

We are very customizable.

They are cheap for basic use.

If you have basic programming knowledge, you can create a web scraper yourself using libraries like Anysite Scraper.

The workflow is very customizable (because you code it yourself).

You can browse the most demanding websites.

Keep in mind that more and more websites are protected from web scraping. So if you develop it yourself, you can bypass most of the security measures.

Web scraping may be used to generate leads.

Let’s say my prospects are an e-commerce startup.

I found this website which is a directory of startups with an e-commerce category

We can get the following data for each run of this category:

Name of company, URL of website, address, contact person, email address, phone number, working hours, and so forth.

Turn websites into data with a fast and reliable web scraper

“Anysite Scraper,” as the name indicates, is capable of scanning and extracting data from several websites in one place. That is why this is the best and most unique web scraping for you as you don’t need separate web scraping for each website, this software works for multiple websites.

This is a very handy and well-organized web data scraper for finding and retrieving potential customer data if there is data on your target websites. Using a web scraper with an already built-in browser for your assistant is easy, and you can see what the software is doing with your company’s keywords in this browser interface.

Get the web data you need and easily export it with Anysite Scraper

Basically, web scraper software only extracts data from a specific website and you are forced to use different web scraper software for different websites, but Anysite Scraper allows you to create your own scraper projects in this software for different websites at the same time. You can save valuable time and money. “Anysite Scraper” is fully automated and can automatically retrieve web data.

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