What should you not miss in London?

Looking for a perfect London travel itinerary and can’t find any? Well, then you have landed at the very right spot because this article will provide you with what you are looking for.

Booked a flight from USA to London and are confused about the things to do in the city? London is filled with popular places, quirky places, as well as unique ones, and deciding which ones to visit and what to do is the trickiest when it’s your first time visiting this mesmerizing city.

Internet is filled with 100 things to do in London, but doing 100 things on a 7-day trip is a synonym to impossible. And if someone does that, then he would be in a so hurry that he can’t enjoy any experience and will be just switching from one thing to another. Thus, it becomes very important to have a travel itinerary that allows you the pace along which you can enjoy every experience to the fullest.

Let’s know a travel itinerary on what should you not miss in London

Most Popular places

Alike every destination in the world, London has the most popular places although the city is beautiful as a whole, there are always some places that make a mark. And thus visiting these places should be on your radars while you are visiting London.

London Eye

Marking and celebrating a millennium, the London Eye resides at the southern banks of the River Thames. It is a giant Ferris wheel offering the highest viewpoint of London providing the most scenic views of the city.

Big Ben

A clock tower as old as 150 years, Big Ben is the most visited tourist attraction of London city. Tucked with a clock and 13-tonne bell, Big Ben has been a part of many movies and TV shows.

Buckingham Palace

The residence of the royalty, Buckingham Palace, has an iconic British architectural design. Although the inside of the palace isn’t accessible to tourists daily, hundreds of tourists gather to have an outer view of this building of great importance. The changing of guard parade here that starts at Saint James Palace is also a great tourist attraction.

British Museum

A paradise of history geeks, the British Museum contains 13 million pieces that are associated with the history of not only Britain but countries like China and Assyria. The museum also contains an in-house bookstore equipped with books related to the history of different parts of the world.


Built in 2012, Shard is already the most recognized and most-visited place in London. And the credit of it goes to its resemblance with a shard of glass and its 1016 feet height. Home of a hotel and many in-house restaurants this building also has viewing platforms at its top providing the most magnificent and scenic views of London.

Churchill’s War Rooms

Another treat for history lovers, Churchill war rooms were the center of management during World War II. Used by then, Prime Minister William Churchill, these rooms are tiny cubicles preserved with the memories of that time. The building contains a cubicle where William Churchill used to sleep it also has a radio station that was used to give wartime speeches.

The Best Food

London isn’t only confined to places, the city is also the hub of delicious food. And there are a few dishes that you must include in your London travel itinerary.

Thai Spiced Rice 

A modern sophisticated yet flavourful dish, Spiced Rice Salad is sold by Kin+Deum. A Bangkok-inspired dish constitutes of different rice textures and is both chewy and crunchy at the same time. It includes fresh coriander leaves, cashews, and ginger.

Moroccan Fennel Salad

Served at Coal Office, Moroccan Fennel Salad constitutes of a Moroccan fennel salad and a harissa yogurt dressing. Filled with textures and taste, every mouthful bite of this salad is nothing less than delicious.

Sauerkraut and Cheddar Croquettos

Having a day-to-night vibe, Sauerkrut and Cheddar Croquettes are served at Lino. Made with oysters, pistachios, beef tartare these croquettes are perfectly creamy and crunchy, and exquisite in taste.

Hand-Pulled Biang Biang Noodles

A bowl full of delicious, Hand Pulled Biang Biang Noodles are served at Xi’an Biang Biang. These noodles are slicked ribbons with chili oils that are slathered with delicious toppings and sauces.

Feta and Honey Cheesecake

An absolute lovable desert Feta and Honey Cheesecake is served at Honey & Company. It is a creamy vanilla cake with whipped fetta filling and honey-tinged dressing. And is settled over a crisp base Kadaif Pastry topped with seasonal fruits, herbs, and nuts.

Get Instagram Ready

No trip is complete without clicking a bunch of Instagrammable places, especially when you visit a place as beautiful as London. Many places in London would act as a perfect background for your Instagram feed and reels.

Peggy Porschen

A café equipped with pink exteriors, Peggy Porschen, is decorated with floral decorations. Considered as the most instagrammable location of London, you can find its pictures trending on Instagram and Pinterest.

Churchill Arms

Equipped with a unique exterior containing ferns and flowers, Churchill Arms is the most stop spot and the locals’ favorite pub. Visit this place to click amazing pictures before taking a flight from London to USA.

Coppa Club

Equipped with picturesque scenery, Coppa Club resides on the banks of the River Thames. Offering great views of Tower Bridge and the Shard, Coppa Club is a restaurant constituted of 10 glass igloos.

Tower Bridge

The prettiest bridge of London Tower Bridge is a classic London institution. Providing great scenic views of both the north and south side of the Thames River, Tower Bridge is one of the most instargrammable places of London.

Neal’s Yard

A hidden gem in the glorious treasure chest of London. Neil’s Yard is a street having the most colorful houses in the city. Equipped with small cute restaurants, this tiny location is mostly packed by travelers enjoying the best time of their lives.

Sky Garden

Situated high above in London, Sky Garden is a restaurant holding a small tropical garden and offering the most magnificent views of the entire city. For visiting this luxurious and elegant place you have to make reservations in advance but the good thing is that they are free of charge.


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