Where Can You Put A Rug?

We are getting more and more creative with rugs. Where a few years ago you mainly encountered carpets in the living room, nowadays a carpet can have many functions. It ensures warm feet, is a nice decoration in your interior, but it also dampens sound in a noisy room. Think about where you want to place your rug and what function it should have for you.


Living room

Make your living room a whole by adding a rug. Your sofa, coffee table and chairs will come into its own.

Rug Living room

Dining room

You will also see more and more carpets in the dining area. Messing and crumbling is no longer allowed these days.

Rug Dining room


Do you want nice and warm feet when you get out of bed? Then put a rug in your bedroom.

Rug for Bedroom

On the wall

Rugs can also address the acoustics in a noisy room. Hang a rug on the wall to dampen the sound. This kills two birds with one stone because it also functions as a beautiful wall decoration.

Rug on the wall

In the garden or on the balcony

A rug with your lounge set is not only very nice, but also ensures that you can walk barefoot through the garden, without sand or stones between your toes.

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