Why are backbenchers so successful?

It’s a common misconception that backbenchers are the least successful students in school. It’s simply not true. Backbenchers are not always the best students, but they can be just as successful as the popular ones. This is because backbenchers of Dehradun School have learned to be independent and self-sufficient; which makes them very capable of handling difficult situations. Backbenchers are don’t stand out in class and who don’t usually excel at sports or any other extracurricular activity. They’re quiet and often overlooked by teachers, but they often achieve more than their more famous, outgoing peers later on in life.

Reasons why backbenchers are successful in life are:


  • Time to think before speaking up.

If you’ve ever had a teacher who didn’t give you enough time to prepare an answer, you know how frustrating it can when you don’t have enough time to think about something before answering it in class. As a backbench student, you have more time to consider an answer before speaking up because no one expects anything from you anyway (which makes sense since no one knows who you are). This allows for more thoughtful answers rather than quick responses that may or may not be

  • They don’t expect too much from others.

Backbenchers know that people like them will always taken for granted by others because they’re not high-profile players in an organization. Therefore, they don’t expect much from others and try to work as best as possible without demanding other people’s time or resources. This approach helps them build long-lasting relationships with people at work.

  • Not worries about other

Backbenchers don’t care if anyone notices their work because they know that it’s getting done — whether or not anyone else knows about it. This gives them more time to focus on getting things done instead of worrying about how many likes their Facebook post might get or if their Instagram photo will get enough likes on Instagram to make it into the “popular” section. They aren’t worried about impressing anyone else because they already know that they’re amazing, so they can spend all their time focusing on what they love doing!

  • They have good study habits and time management skills.

Backbenchers of Dehradun school usually have good study habits and time management skills because they know that if they want to succeed at something, they have to put in the time and effort to get there. They don’t procrastinate or wait until the last minute to do their work — instead, they plan and make sure everything done on time (or early).

  • Self Reliable

Backbenchers often not very motivated in their classes because they know how easily they will do well on the test if they show up to class and try their best without over thinking it too much. This means that backbenchers don’t need a professor who motivates them or connects with them for them to do well in their classes as long as there is some incentive such as grades or money involved for them to complete assignments on time without fails.

  • Talent

Backbenchers are usually not great at sports or academics, but they have talents that help them achieve great things in life. For example, Bill Gates is one of the richest men globally because he had a vision for computers that others did not see when he was young. He knew how to get what he wanted by using his brainpower instead of physical strength.

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