Why Choose A Weighted Vest

Using a weighted vest can be just as beneficial to an active person as it is to a fitness enthusiast. The vest, with its various weights and resistance levels, keeps the exerciser working for longer periods of time, thus allowing him or her to build muscles and burn calories faster. Vests are available in different types, sizes and weights. They can be worn by women or men. They are easy to use, but what if you need some help getting started?

It may seem obvious, but when you are first starting out it can be difficult to keep focused on your exercise regimen. One way to help get you motivated is to start out wearing extra weight vests, especially if you plan to use the vest for exercise purposes. These vests add extra weight to your frame and make you more powerful when pushing yourself. Wearing extra weight vests during your first few weeks of working out will motivate you to continue even when you have been discouraged.

When working out with a weighted vest, it can be difficult to focus because you may be so engrossed in the feeling of the extra weight pressing against your body. To get rid of that you should try to focus on your breathing patterns. Try counting to focus on how many repetitions you are doing with each set. Focus on the feeling of resistance rather than the number of repetitions you are performing. Count from one to ten, or as close to one as possible.

Another trick to get used to wearing a weighted vest is to push yourself farther than you normally would when exercising. Push yourself outside your comfort zone, especially in the beginning when you are still using the vest to focus on building bodyweight. As you begin to build muscle you will be able to increase the number of repetitions you perform per set, but you won’t be able to increase the weight. Wearing the vest on your first few weeks of exercising with a weighted vest will build stamina and give you a workout you will be able to sustain for the rest of your life.

As you continue to wear your weighted vests during your workout, you will start to notice a huge improvement in the way you look. The increased body weight is also going to improve your posture. The added muscle mass is going to help you lose inches from your waistline, and it is also going to tone your legs. There is no other piece of workout equipment out there that can help you reach those fitness goals quicker.

For the average person a weighted vest workout may seem like a new and foreign concept. Many people would not consider adding extra weight to their exercise routine. They feel that their body can handle most forms of exercise. While that may be true for some people it certainly isn’t true for everyone.


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