Why do toppers fail in life?

A recent study of Indian engineering students who were ranked among the top 10% in their class has revealed that; most of them have failed to make it big in their career, with a few even finding themselves back in India. You should join the school having the best fee structure of boarding school in dehradun. The report states that several factors contribute to this trend. In recent research, it has been found that toppers fail in life. When they are young, they are motivated by their parents and teachers. They are not motivated by their work but by the fear of failure. Their fear of failure makes them work hard and get good marks in exams. But when they reach higher levels of studies, it becomes difficult for them to cope with the same work intensity.

Here are reasons why topper fails in their life:

  • They are not able to handle failures properly

When you are a topper, you expected to score high marks every time you appear for any test or examination. It becomes very difficult for you to fail in something that you are supposed to be good at. You start thinking about yourself as an unsuccessful person because of this failure. This makes it difficult to get over your failure and continue working on your goal with full commitment and dedication.

  • They are not able to accept criticism

Toppers tend to be very sensitive about their achievements and failures. If someone points out their mistakes or if someone criticizes their work, they feel hurt and start doubting themselves; whether they can achieve success or not!

  • They lack confidence

Toppers have been praised by everyone since childhood, so they tend to be over-confident about themselves. But this can prove to be wrong as they cannot handle failure or criticism well and feel that they are superior to others. They need to learn how to deal with situations where they fail or get criticized by others, which will help them grow as a person and develop the necessary skills required for success.

  • They don’t believe in teamwork

Top rankers tend to do everything independently without involving any other person or team member. This attitude makes them arrogant and over-confident about themselves, which leads them to make mistakes while dealing with people or managing issues related to their work environment or personal relationships. They should learn how to work as a team and involve others in their work if needed to improve their efficiency at work and gain valuable feedback from other people, which will help.

  • Poor communication skills

Many of them lack presentation skills and hence go unnoticed by companies during campus placements. They also find it difficult to interact with people from different backgrounds and are often labeled as introverts or bookworms by their colleagues at work.

  • They don’t take risks

Toppers are usually risk-averse people who prefer staying within their comfort zone instead of venturing into uncharted territories. This attitude can seriously affect one’s career growth, restricting them from taking up challenging roles or responsibilities at the workplace.

  • They don’t work hard enough

Many students who score good marks in school think that it is all about luck, not hard work. But when they come out of school, they often find their knowledge has become outdated because they never took the effort to keep themselves updated with the latest developments in their subjects.

  • They think too much about what others will think of them.

Most people judge others by their academic achievements, but this doesn’t mean that we should be constantly worried about what other people think of us or our performance in life. Instead, we should focus on improving ourselves and achieving our goals to be proud of ourselves no matter what others.

How to avoid failure?

In life, you’re constantly being judged on your performance. Even if you’re doing well, there’s always room for improvement — and if you don’t keep pushing yourself, you’ll never reach your true potential. But when it comes to learning, failure is a necessary part of the process. So, you should join an institute having the best fee structure of boarding school in Dehradun that provides education and the tactics for the future. Without it, we wouldn’t know what works and doesn’t work for us as learners. Often, it’s helpful to fail because it shows us where we need to improve our skills or strategies for tackling a problem we’ve been having trouble with (or both).

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